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Minax’s Trap?

Warriors drew their weapons while mages prepared to cast. Tamers put their dragons in front of all.  Rushing out of the forest came giant wolves made of fire. Followed by a strange creature.

The battle move in and out of the forest. Reaching the moon gate, Tamias watched in surprise as giant frost wolves jumped out. guarding the moongate










They began attacking both the Royal spies and the Fire Wolves.red and blue death

As the battle raged on, the creature began to creep toward the mushroom. Captain Corian saw him from the corner of his eye. “Stop him! Don’t let him get to the gate!”

lots and lots of deatn

Laughing the creature cut off a piece of mushroom. “Stop me, You will burn into a pile of ash.” He began running to the gate. With a look of surprise, the wraith like creature fell, an arrow piercing it.

The battle won, Captain Corian searched the creature for signs of the mushroom. All that was left was blue dust on the ground. Leaving his glove on, he picked up some. “This smells sweet, but I’m willing bet it is poisonous. Take care not to eat any.”
Returning to the road, he looked at the shipment.

mushroom gone

“Strange, Adrian was expecting  this shipment in Minco.  Is there any sign he was here?”  After a short search. no sign of Adrian was found.  “Perhaps he made it to Minoc,” Dregg said.

It was a short walk to Minoc. Where a note for Adrian was found.

note Captain Corian picked it up, “One of the men delivering the shipment must have escaped. Interesting it warns Adrian against coming.

Frowning Diggy, looked around. “Well he must have taken the advice. He doesn’t seem to be here. Did you notice that the Frost Wolves didn’t attacked his menspiral

Could this mean he isn’t working with Minax?”

Captain Corian thought about Diggy’s suggestion. “That is possible. Lets return to the hall.” he said opening the gate.

As we settled in to the seats, Corian began pacing. “This is a puzzle for sure. So many questions we still need answered.” He rubbed his forehead. “Are we right, is Adrian working with Minax?

“Fire and Ice each seem to represent a side.” Thalia said thinking aloud. “We have seen the Ice creatures attack Adrian before. Could he be working for the Fire Lady instead of the noble? Hum…but then why the magic draining objects?”

Captain Corian nodded, “That is a puzzle.  Syrus is the link to the noble. The Noble had Syrus’s family killed. That would explain his alliance with the Fiery Lady. But still who is Adrian working for. He is playing a dangerous game if he is trying to work with both.”

“Captain, Minax seems to be the key. She might be using the noble to begin a revolution against the King.” Adrianna suggested. “Creating unrest giving us the very weapons we need to destroy ourselves.”

“I fear you are correct, Adrianna.” Captain Corian sighed, ” It is hard to guard a King who is more concerned with the safety of the realm than his own. I’ve put extra guards but who know how long he will allow them.”

Legolas asked. “Do we know why Dahlia is in Ter-Mur?”

“No, Agaris is trying to find out.  I need them both. There is too much for me to handle by myself. I must leave now to report to the King. I also need to ensure he still has guards. Please keep destroying the notes and listen to rumors. But be careful. These are indeed dangerous times.” Captain Corian hurriedly left the room.