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A Fiery Ally Pt.1

Entering the hall Vyxen looked for her friends. Seeing her, Tamais waved her over. Sitting down, “Any word of Minax or the Fiery Lady,” she asked?

“No,” replied Lady Thalia, “But the Royal Spies are searching.”

When Evidias entered the room, hopefull yet worried eyes turned her way.

“Greetings everyone, thank you for coming at such short notice.”

“My lady,  any word of Minax or the Fiery Lady?” Vyxen asked

Shaking her head ,”Of Minax, no,” Evidias replied. ” but I received news. The Fiery Lady’s master has been killed.”

Vyxen wrinkled her head in thought.  “Do you suggest we confront her with that information.

“Yes,” Evidias replied. “It will be interesting to see how she reacts. ” She might become an ally.”

Evidias frowned, “I don’t trust her not to burn all of you when she get the news.  I’ve made a potion to create a nice area effect that should prevent it.

Smiling she asked, “Do I have a volunteer?”

Vxyen  laughed seeing Tamias try to hide behind Lady Thalia.  Seeing no volunteers, Vxyen stood shivering, “I’ll take the potion.”

A sigh of relief went through the crowd. “Thank you Vyxen.”  and Evidias handed her the potion.

Looking at the potion with it swirling colors, Vxyen hesitated.

“Oh, I’m pretty sure it is safe Vxyen.” Evidias encouraged her. “Tell me of any strange effects,  It will help me when I make another batch.”

hero 2

With a shudder, Vxyen drank the potion.

The spys watched Vxyen. “Well, she hasn’t exploded.” Tis Da Bomb laughed.

Vxyen glared at him. “Uh, are things suppose to get fuzzy?”

“That could be one of the effects, but it shouldn’t last long. You might also start seeing things.” Evidias replied. “The Fiery Lady is at the Skara Brae docks. Go try our plan.

Arriving at the docks, Approaching the Fiery Lady, Vxyen was puzzled. “Who are you?” She asked.  Then Vxyen smiled “Ooo pretty butterflies all around you,  little sparks of fire.”  The Fiery Lady laughed “You love fire too. I’ll summon my fire spirits.”  Everyone crowded around Vxyen as she cast the spell,

The spell fizzled. “Strange, it worked earlier.” the Fiery Lady said annoyed.  “I’ll burn down the city instead.” Again the spell fizzled. at the docks

Frustrated she looked at Vxyen. “Who stopped my spells.”

Vxyen sighed, “The butterflies left.” Looking at the Fiery lady, “I was suppose to tell you something. Now what was it?” she said

“If I might,” Age Poyo stepped forward, “We came to tell you news of your master. He is dead.”

“Dead! Who told you that.” the Fiery lady demanded.

Suddenly Vxyn shouted, “That’s it!  Evidias said he is dead.”

Fiery Lady frowned at Vyxen. “I see Minax’s hand in this. I will avenge him!”

Looking at us sadly, “He is why I am free.” While the Fiery Lady told her story, Vxyen could see it happen. Everything went dark. Slowly a cavern appeared, a magic trap.  Vyxen felt the horror and the anger. Trapped! For not bending to Minax’s will.

Forgotten, a small burning ember left to burn away.

trapped underground

Fiery Lady's Master

Puzzled by the tears running down Vyxen’s face, she paused.  When she continued, Vyxen saw a man run into the cavern.  She felt the Fiery Lady’s surprise when he stopped.

“Trevaine saw my visions,  cities razed to ash, smoldering pits.


“Instead of fearing me, he offered me his shirt to burnshirt on fire.  Putting me on his torch, while feeding me his clothes, he released me outside.”  She stopped, moving farther away as Vyxen swinging an invisible sword. “Strange child that one,” the Fiery Lady shook her head. “Where was I, ah my rescuer Treaven. I was ready to be his weapon. To give him all the power he desired. But he set me free.”

Focusing on the Fiery Lady, Vxyen told her, “He sheltered you in the rainstorm and set you on a dry tree to burn. Giving you back your power.”

“How did you know,” the Fiery Lady said in Awe. Vxyen breaking free of the vision, fainted. Tis Da Bomb catching her, helped her to a chair.

The Fiery lady began to burn like a pillar of fire. “I fear Minax, but I’ll make her pay. I will carry out his plans of destroying her minions then Minax herself.”

Come back tomorrow for more on this adventure!