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Category Archives: Meet & Greet

State of UO Address – Transcript

Hello everybody and welcome to the “Google hangout with Bonnie, Kyronix, Misk, Flair, Tia and myself. Bleak will be joining us shortly.

The first question is from Tina Small:
Are there any plans to replace the EM program with a global “live events” program so that players can do “live events” at times that are convenient for their own schedules?

Transcript of Developer Meet & Greet 04June2014 – Atlantic Shard


[14/06/04][17:57:57] [Mesanna]: Good evening Atlantic
[14/06/04][17:58:17] [Kyronix]: Good evening everyone!
[14/06/04][17:58:49] [Mesanna]: ok if you have a question line up
[14/06/04][17:59:03] [Mesanna]: once it is answered please step on the teleport tile to leave
[14/06/04][17:59:16] [Mesanna]: one question per person please
[14/06/04][17:59:20] [Mesanna]: Shall we start?