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Atlantic Historic Homes

A tradition of Sosarians, to decorate their homes in unique and spectacular ways and show off! Alas, not every design lasts forever, and sometimes a house will fall to decay. In an effort to preserve the creativity and uniqueness of our world, Stratics will keep galleries of these homes for each shard. We hope these images will serve as inspiration for future generations of home owners in Sosaria.

Our records are not complete, so if anyone has more information of the homes displayed on these pages, please let us know by posting in this thread.

Transcript Kings meeting 28Sep2014

BIG shout out to @Andrasta who helped by taking this transcript and sharing it with me!!! Love Ya


You see: Whysper [[email protected]]

You see: Barton, Groom of the Stool
You see: Minister Farthington
You see: Sherry the Mouse
You see: Summer [BooB]
You see: Lew [GRL.]
You see: Quacklebush [BLAK]
You see: King Blackthorn
You see: Huey Freeman [HI_5]
You see: Tatiana Thorn Duchess of Skara Brae
You see: Serene Meadowlark
You see: Lord Dupre
You see: Lady Echo [ODE]
You see: Lord chert [[email protected]]
You see: Lady of Mirkwood [ODE]
You see: uffDA- the Mage
You see: Maximus [BLAK]
You see: Lord Alward [*DP*]
You see: Savannah DuPre
You see: The White Hind
Tatiana Thorn: i think he means last month
King Blackthorn: Before our major interruption last month, I was about to call upon Lady Meadowlark.
Echo: ahh of course
King Blackthorn: So we should get that out of the way first.
Lew: *hic*
Serene Meadowlark: Yes, Magesty?
You see: Fleur De Mal
King Blackthorn: Around the table Mayor, so everyone can see you.
Serene Meadowlark: *nods her head*
Lew: *stares at the table with glassed over eyes*
Tatiana Thorn: good evening
King Blackthorn: Before we move on to the official business.
Lew: *hic*
King Blackthorn: I wish to issue my condolences to Lady Meadowlark, on the untimely passing of her brother.
Summer: hey mag citizen why dont u go over by your own char
Lew: *hic*
King Blackthorn: Jacobi deserved better than his end, lets remember him more for his past, than how his life ended
Serene Meadowlark: I thank you my King.
Echo: Yew sends it’s deepest regards
Quacklebush: aye poor jacobi
Serene Meadowlark: for the kind words.
Lew: *hic*
Tatiana Thorn: my condolences
King Blackthorn: As for our pressing business, question has been raised on the legalities of the annexation of Cove
King Blackthorn: By Vesper.
Lew: *hic*
Summer: and moonglow
Lew: *hic*
Lew: Hey everyone. Listen to my song!
Lew begins to sing Jhelom
Lew: …I’m not wasted…
King Blackthorn: I ask you directly Mayor, how fares Cove?
Lew: *stumbles*
Echo: *glares at Lew*
Quacklebush: Cove be great
Quacklebush: *grins*
Serene Meadowlark: I…
Lew: Kheeep eat uph, ills hits yaou yetpt
Serene Meadowlark: My family sufered greatly under the leadership of the former Mayor of Cove.
Serene Meadowlark: Cove was run like a miniature Kingdom of Tyranny your Magesty.
Serene Meadowlark: It was a den of fear.
Lew: Where is my chicken!
Serene Meadowlark: Vesper and Governor Quacklebush saved us from that.
Lew: *slurs his speach*
Lew: hello kingy
Quacklebush: aye with our freinds moonglow
Serene Meadowlark: His actions were less of an invasion, and more of a liberation.
Savannah DuPre: *thinks he probably ate his chicken*
Lew: *takes a drink*
Summer: ty quack
Serene Meadowlark: Aye, and Moonglow.
Lew: *burp*
Lew: *hic*
Summer: I guess people forget we helped too
Serene Meadowlark: I wish only to say, that Cove prospers under the leadership and prosperity the Moonglow
Lew: *stumbles*
Summer: ty mayor
Serene Meadowlark: and Vesper alliance has offered us.
Lew: *sways uneasily on his feet*
King Blackthorn: *nods*
King Blackthorn: I see.
Lew: …I’m not wasted…
King Blackthorn: then the crown has no complaint.
Lew: *hic*
Lew: *swings at something thats not there*
King Blackthorn: And as a citizen of Cove still maintains direct leadership over the city.
Lew: Kheeep eat uph, ills hits yaou yetpt
Lew: *hic*
King Blackthorn: I commend the actions of the Governors of Vesper and Moonglow.
Summer: ty king
King Blackthorn: And trust that my faith in them in this matter shall not be undone.
Quacklebush: thank ye yer majesty
King Blackthorn: Thank you Mayor.
Lew: *stumbles*
Lew: *stares at the table with glassed over eyes*
King Blackthorn: *ponders*
Quacklebush: *looks back at Lew*
Lew: *hic*
Lew: *takes a drink*
King Blackthorn: A rather empty house this evening.
Lew: *hic*
Tatiana Thorn: *nods*
Lew: *burp*
Lew: *hic*
King Blackthorn: Governor Lew, why are you hiding in the back?
Echo: *nods*
King Blackthorn: Drunk…
Summer: *looks evily at Governor yew*
Tatiana Thorn: he is a bit… in his cups
You see: Barton, Groom of the Stool
King Blackthorn: I see that.
Quacklebush: someone been in the grog a wee bit early
You see: Summer [BooB]
You see: Quacklebush [BLAK]
You see: Andrasta [GRL.]
You see: King Blackthorn
You see: Serene Meadowlark
You see: Tatiana Thorn Duchess of Skara Brae
You see: Lord Dupre
You see: Lady Echo [ODE]
You see: Lew [GRL.]
You see: Lew
Summer: how does one run a city drunk all the time its a discrace
Tayshar: *grins*
King Blackthorn: and then there were two…
King Blackthorn: *looks across the table*
Lew: *hic*
Lew: *pukes*
Lew: Do you miss your friend my Liege?
of Mirkwood: *wide eyed*
Lew: *hic*
King Blackthorn: I have many friends.
King Blackthorn: of whom do you speak?
Lew: I have taken his mind
Lew: *hic*
Tatiana Thorn: ut oh
Lew: Kheeep eat uph, ills hits yaou yetpt
Lew: it shall not return
Quacklebush: wait 2 lews?
Summer: KNock it off Governor’
Lew: until you have done Justice for New Magincia
Lew: *hic*
Lew: *scraches head*
King Blackthorn: *stares coldly at the man across the table*
Summer: YUCK
King Blackthorn: Alas, New Magincia is not represented tonight…
Lew: *stares at the table with glassed over eyes*
King Blackthorn: so the issue may work itself out on its own.
Lew: what a shock
Lew: well
Summer: wow the fake gov of mag is not here
King Blackthorn: However, the crown shall not bend to threats or cohersion.
Lew: perhaps someday you will miss your friend Lew
King Blackthorn: Where is Doctor Hawk?
King Blackthorn: *looks around the room*
Lew: *hic*
You see: Jacson the guard
You see: Walden the guard
Quacklebush: I miss you LEW
Quacklebush: arr
Summer: why are all these guards here
Lew: Come along Governor Lew
Lew: *sways uneasily on his feet*
Lew: *slurs his speach*
Tatiana Thorn: he threatened governor lew
Lew: okeeees
King Blackthorn: The man made threats and said he had stolen a Governors mind.
Echo: *looks confused at Summer?*
King Blackthorn: They come when threats are made.
Lew: *stumbles*
Summer: i was dealing with a drunk lew
Lew: a small demonstration *wink*
Lew: *takes a drink*
King Blackthorn: *shakes his head*
Quacklebush: *scratches head*
King Blackthorn: Do any of you know who that was, or what he has done to Lew?
Summer: I have no idea my king
Tatiana Thorn: i do not sire
Summer: but trisnic is not what it used to be
Echo: I do not my Liege
Quacklebush: nor do me
of Mirkwood: naye, sire
Summer: its littred with trash and his office is filled with bottles
King Blackthorn: If what was said is taken as face value, our friend Lew is in trouble.
Summer: this is not good
Quacklebush: should we capture lew for his own good?
Tatiana Thorn: not it isnt King Blackthorn: Even if not, would the Moonglow/Vesper alliance care to investigate Trinsic?
Summer: we can
Quacklebush: aye would be our pleasure
King Blackthorn: Together they have the strength to secure the area and protect their people in the name of the
King Blackthorn: King.
Quacklebush: lew is a friend of mine i wish him safe
Echo: Yew would be glad to help as well
King Blackthorn: *nods*
Summer: do we have permission to defend ourselves
King Blackthorn: I would like to see Moonglow take a special look into Lew.
King Blackthorn: Capture him for his safety if needed.
King Blackthorn: But make him comfortable.
Summer: me and lew used to be good friends
King Blackthorn: And tend to the business of his attacker as well.
Summer: now he does not talk
Quacklebush: haha i think lew know how to get comfy in captivity
Summer: we can import yews finest wine
Summer: haha
Quacklebush: aye
King Blackthorn: I worry, Lew has been through so much.
Summer: we will be right on this King
Tatiana Thorn: aye
King Blackthorn: A trial, a lighthouse fallen on him, and now this.
King Blackthorn: The man needs a respite.
Quacklebush: me thinks maybe he likes the attention
Quacklebush: har
King Blackthorn: If I can do anything to assist in his recovery, please do ask.
Summer: King maybe appoint a temporary governor
Summer: it seems lew is not at the command
King Blackthorn: I thought I just did.
Summer: but this imposter
Summer: o
King Blackthorn: *looks at Quacklebush and Summer*
Quacklebush: *nods*
Summer: *nods*
King Blackthorn: Our dear friend Lady Tatiana has also retaken her… stool…
King Blackthorn: As Governor of Skara Brae.
Tatiana Thorn: *blushes*
Quacklebush: aye
Summer: very nice
Echo: welcome back Governor
Quacklebush: this makes me happy
King Blackthorn: At my request and the retiring former Governor.
King Blackthorn: It is good to see her face again.
Quacklebush: cheers to tati
Summer: yes it is
Tatiana Thorn: thank you sire
King Blackthorn: How is Skara Brae Lady Tatiana?
Tayshar: *cheers*
Tatiana Thorn: as always
Tatiana Thorn: a lovely town
Tatiana Thorn: warm and open
King Blackthorn: Skara Brae, Hard Workers, and leisurely evenings.
King Blackthorn: Always a pleasure.
Tatiana Thorn: *smiles*
King Blackthorn: Our Lady Echo of Yew does not sit?
Quacklebush: I will tie her to her chair yet..
Serene Meadowlark: *looks at the daemon next to her*
Echo: May I sire?
King Blackthorn: It does have your name on it.
King Blackthorn: *laughs*
Echo: thank you my liege
Summer: *looks at moonglows chair*
King Blackthorn: How does the city of Yew fair?
Echo: Yew is very well, thank you
Echo: we have been busy
Echo: delivering trade to the other cities
King Blackthorn: *nods*
Echo: the weather has been fabulous
Echo: and harvest is great
King Blackthorn: I am still working with the city planners on the requested inn in Yew and the Bell Tower.
King Blackthorn: I have not forgotten.
King Blackthorn: But they are both major projects, and things have been busy of late.
Tatiana Thorn: aye
Echo: It was more of an open market m’lord
Echo: nothing that fancy is required
King Blackthorn: *nods*
Echo: everything else is going well
Echo: Is there anything Yew can do for the crown?
King Blackthorn: Assist as you can with the recovery of Trinsic’s Governor.
King Blackthorn: As it seems the most pressing of the issues this evening.
Echo: We will gladly help
Tatiana Thorn: *nods*
King Blackthorn: Governor Quacklebush, how is the mighty City of Vesper?
Quacklebush: all is very well
Quacklebush: and we are glad to have cove with us now
Serene Meadowlark: *nods and smiles quietly*
Quacklebush: I would like to request a bank board at cove if your builders are able
King Blackthorn: Elaborate on Bank board?
Quacklebush: so the citizens of cove too are aware of events
King Blackthorn: Ah I see.
Tatiana Thorn: communication board i think he means
Quacklebush: aye call it what u will
King Blackthorn: I will enquire if we can make a copy of the one in Vesper and either link them, or…
King Blackthorn: make them work similarly.
King Blackthorn: If it is possible.
King Blackthorn: *shrugs*
Quacklebush: aye if its possible
Quacklebush: just one for them to view
Quacklebush: I can think of nothing else to mention
King Blackthorn: *nods*
Quacklebush: Cove and Vesper be safe
King Blackthorn: Very well.
King Blackthorn: Lady Summer, the floor is yours if you wish it?
Summer: Sire
Summer: Moonglow has been doing great
Summer: we have tripled our sales
Summer: 134 million
Summer: in our bank
Summer: when i took over we had 3 million
Quacklebush: fine job gov
King Blackthorn: An impressive thing!
Summer: we are doing fantastic
Tayshar: *nods*
Summer: and now the allience with vesper
Summer: we are doing even better
Quacklebush: *nods*
Summer: I could not ask for nothing more
Tatiana Thorn: *smiles*
Summer: because everything is great
King Blackthorn: Just make sure we are keeping an eye on the Crown, we don’t want another… Solus.. situation.
King Blackthorn: *sighs*
Summer: Aye
Summer: that will not happen
King Blackthorn: *nods*
Summer: the armys
King Blackthorn: I have faith in the both of you.
Summer: of Moonglow and vesper
Summer: and very strong
Summer: we are strong
King Blackthorn: Just be gentle in Trinsic, I feel the city may be on edge as it is.
Quacklebush: we both enjoy power but have no desire to be king
Summer: ask the dead that once tried to take over cove
King Blackthorn: Go in under the Kings banner and offer aid, not as invaders.
King Blackthorn: Some might take offense.
Summer: we will do it the right way king
King Blackthorn: *nods*
Tatiana Thorn: always sire
Tayshar: *nods*
King Blackthorn: *looks to his right*
Summer: but be for warned we will not be bullied
Quacklebush: skara will join our alliance
King Blackthorn: I fear we are missing a few folks this evening
Quacklebush: to keep an eye on us
Quacklebush: *looks over at tati*
Tatiana Thorn: *nods*
Summer: well minoc
Summer: never been here
King Blackthorn: Is there anyone that wishes to speak for Britain, Minoc, Magincia or Jhelom?
Summer: the fake gov of mag is somtimes here
King Blackthorn: Or otherwise speak to this council?
Summer: *whispers to quack*
Echo: I would like to add something if I may
King Blackthorn: Aye
Summer: im glad that fool is not here
King Blackthorn: I fear I may have to remove Minoc’s governor from Office
King Blackthorn: For inactivity.
Summer: King he never been here
King Blackthorn: *nods*
King Blackthorn: Yes Lady Echo?
Summer: i have a nomimation
Echo: I would like to congratulate the Cities of Britain and Skara Brae
Echo: on leading in the new deliveries of trade
Echo: as they have been busy
King Blackthorn: *nods*
King Blackthorn: They have both done quite well.
Echo: just thought it should be noted
King Blackthorn: Aye.
Echo: that is all
King Blackthorn: A nomination Governor? Whom to where?
Summer: from my army
Summer: Lord Erebus
Summer: of boob
King Blackthorn: For Governor of Minoc?
Summer: a fine warrior and leader of my fine army
Summer: yes
Summer: my king
King Blackthorn: Is there a second and a third?
Quacklebush: I would back it
King Blackthorn: *nods*
King Blackthorn: Ill need a third.
Quacklebush: minoc would be safe in the hand of the aliance
Echo: I do not know so I will abstain from vote
Quacklebush: *looks to tati*
King Blackthorn: *looks to Taitana*
Echo: I have not met them
Tatiana Thorn: *sighs*
King Blackthorn: What do you think dear Lady?
Quacklebush: *nudges*
Summer: *nidges*
Tatiana Thorn: i fear i do not know the person and hate to make a hasty decision
Tayshar: Aye Sire can stand for Him *bows*
Tatiana Thorn: but i do trust governor summer
Summer: he is a Fine man
Summer: and a great leader
Tatiana Thorn: so i would cast my vote as well
Serene Meadowlark: I will vouch for him, my King, not that my voice carries the same weight as a Governor.
devastator: yes!!! yes he is
King Blackthorn: I would say that solidifies it on both counts.
Quacklebush: *nods to Serene*
Echo: I apologize I did not mean to put you on the spot Tatiana
King Blackthorn: Have this man meet with me and we shall see it done.
Tatiana Thorn: oh it is fine
King Blackthorn: *looks across the table*
Summer: I shall my king
Summer: he is on a mission right now and will return tomorrow
King Blackthorn: Lady Andrasta, I thought you expatriated to Tokuno?
Andrasta: Greetings King Blackthorn
King Blackthorn: Is everything alright?
Andrasta: since you mentioned Dr Hawk’s name
Andrasta: I thought I’d inform you that he has not been seen in many months
Quacklebush: *remembers that name*
King Blackthorn: I can think of none better to look upon Lew.
King Blackthorn: *nods*
Andrasta: and his home has fallen into disrepair
King Blackthorn: We have missed him, as has Lady Amandine, he did much for the Crux Knights.
Andrasta: you once seemed to care about him so i just thought id let you know
King Blackthorn: *nods*
King Blackthorn: I thank you for the sad news, tis better than no word.
Andrasta: *nods and backs away*
King Blackthorn: Maybe he will return soon.
Andrasta: we can hope
King Blackthorn: ! A vacation of sorts, we shall hope.
King Blackthorn: If there is nothing else this evening?
Quacklebush: me heard he got married and moved to the mountains arrr
King Blackthorn: Well, if so, good for him.
King Blackthorn: Very well, please keep in touch on the Lew and Trinsic issues.
King Blackthorn: Long Live Britannia!
Echo: Long Live the King
of Mirkwood: Long Live the King!
Tayshar: *cheers* !!! Long live the King !!! *cheers* =) !!!
Summer: we will kake it a priority
Tatiana Thorn: long live Britannia
Quacklebush: too trinsic!
Serene Meadowlark: *smiles*
Serene Meadowlark: That went well.
Quacklebush: gear up
Quacklebush: lets go to trinsic
Tayshar: meet you there
Summer: to his office
Quacklebush: aye a good start
You see: Protester from Vesper
Aviva the Humanist: Where is the King?!
You see: Protester from Moonglow
You see: Chad the Humanist
You see: Nia the Humanist
Protester from Vesper: We call for Justice!
Nellie the Humanist: Death to Amandine! Justice! Justice!
Alexis the Humanist: Traitors!
Simon the Humanist: Killers!
Aviva the Humanist: Traitors!
Aviva the Humanist: The Crux Ansata killed my sister! Where is the King?!
Protester from Vesper: We call for Justice!
Alexis the Humanist: Killers!
Helene the Humanist: Down with the Crux Ansata!
Chad the Humanist: Traitors!
Ramsey the Humanist: Traitors!
Protester from Vesper: We call for Justice!
Nia the Humanist: The Crux Ansata killed my husband, he was a peaceful man!
Protester from Moonglow: We call for Justice!
Nellie the Humanist: Murderers!
Simon the Humanist: Traitors!
Aviva the Humanist: The Homeless Knight!
You see: Lew
Lew: Death to the False King!

Transcript of Developer Meet & Greet 04June2014 – Atlantic Shard


[14/06/04][17:57:57] [Mesanna]: Good evening Atlantic
[14/06/04][17:58:17] [Kyronix]: Good evening everyone!
[14/06/04][17:58:49] [Mesanna]: ok if you have a question line up
[14/06/04][17:59:03] [Mesanna]: once it is answered please step on the teleport tile to leave
[14/06/04][17:59:16] [Mesanna]: one question per person please
[14/06/04][17:59:20] [Mesanna]: Shall we start?

[NEWS] Kings Meeting Minutes from 01June2014

[19:03:20] [King Blackthorn]: Greetings Everyone, Please sit.
[19:03:23] [Tatiana Thorn]: evening sire
[19:03:26] [Lew]: seems like Boobs follow the king everywhere
[19:03:33] [Joseph Frostmore]: Evening you grace
[19:03:33] [King Blackthorn]: I expected tonight to be rather light, as we are out of our normal schedule.
[19:03:39] [Lanfear]: ya they a buch of boobs
[19:03:54] [King Blackthorn]: however, the events happening in and around Moonglow need to be addressed.
[19:04:02] [Summer]: indeed
[19:04:09] [Tatiana Thorn]: *nods*
[19:04:14] [Joseph Frostmore]: Aye
[19:04:17] [King Blackthorn]: For those that have been living in a hole, a brief recap.
[19:04:27] [Lew]: what has happened in Moonglow?
[19:04:37] [Lew]: *sticks head out of hole*
[19:04:42] [King Blackthorn]: A meteor fell from the skies, it tracked across the globe of Sosaria…
[19:04:49] [King Blackthorn]: Long cast across the skies of Britannia.
[19:05:11] [King Blackthorn]: It was seen above Serpent’s Hold, Buc’s Den and New Magincia.
[19:05:21] [Tatiana Thorn]: *shudders*
[19:05:26] [King Blackthorn]: It tracked over Moonglow and landed in the ocean, we believe.
[19:05:40] [Joseph Frostmore]: *listens intently*
[19:05:42] [King Blackthorn]: A Tidal Wave of great force flooded parts of Verity Island…
[19:06:08] [King Blackthorn]: The waters receeded quickly, except for a central plain which has cut the island into two pieces.
[19:06:19] [Tatiana Thorn]: *nods*
[19:06:25] [Lew]: oh my
[19:06:26] [King Blackthorn]: Lady Arya and the Governor of Moonglow Lady Summer took quick action.
[19:06:39] [King Blackthorn]: Sandbagging and protecting the more sensitive areas of Moonglow.
[19:07:17] [King Blackthorn]: Later, the flood waters teemed with a vast array of Deep Sea creatures that seemed to be…
[19:07:26] [King Blackthorn]: Fleeing the meteor.
[19:07:48] [King Blackthorn]: However, the very next night, Moonglow itself was invaded by beings of non-Sosarian origin.
[19:07:56] [King Blackthorn]: Aliens…
[19:07:59] [King Blackthorn]: *shakes his head*
[19:08:03] [Queen Arya]: scary
[19:08:06] [Galathan]: *perks up*
[19:08:08] [Lew]: *scratches head*
[19:08:23] [Tatiana Thorn]: it was awful
[19:08:27] [Joseph Frostmore]: *a dire look crosses his face*
[19:08:35] [King Blackthorn]: We are all here tonight to discuss these matters, and offer suppoirt to Governor Summer.
[19:08:45] [Queen Arya]: I fear for the silver steed an the lycaeums books
[19:08:59] [King Blackthorn]: So, Governor. I ask of you, how can the King and your fellow Governors assist you…
[19:09:04] [King Blackthorn]: In this time of great need?
[19:09:12] [Summer]: Well King
[19:09:16] [azazel]: summer is not the rightful governor of moonglow
[19:09:34] [azazel]: she don’t speak for the people
[19:09:35] [Summer]: the citizens helped out a great deal when Glow came under attack
[19:09:36] [Shemp]: ……
[19:09:42] [Summer]: quick actions
[19:09:48] [Summer]: and everyone working together
[19:09:51] [Joseph Frostmore]: Quiet your rambling fool!
[19:09:52] [azazel]: if we had a true governor the events would have never happened
[19:09:58] [Summer]: we defeated the Aliens
[19:09:59] [Erebus]: Azazel excuse yourself and let the people have their meeting
[19:10:11] [Summer]: EXCUSE ME
[19:10:17] [azazel]: don’t speak to me in that tongue
[19:10:19] [Summer]: if you need to talk
[19:10:23] [Summer]: YOu wait ur tuern
[19:10:28] [Summer]: Dont
[19:10:31] [Summer]: interupt
[19:10:35] [Lew]: *hangs head*
[19:10:40] [Tatiana Thorn]: oh my
[19:10:43] [Joseph Frostmore]: Uncouth savage. *shakes his head*
[19:10:45] [Galathan]: *drops his head*
[19:10:50] [azazel]: it’s your fault
[19:10:56] [Summer]: uif you have to speak
[19:10:59] [Lew]: sigh
[19:11:00] [King Blackthorn]: *strokes his mustache*
[19:11:01] [Summer]: you will wait your tun
[19:11:04] [King Blackthorn]: Please Governor, continue.
[19:11:12] [Galathan]: .
[19:11:13] [Summer]: as i was saying
[19:11:19] [Summer]: my sheriff
[19:11:22] [Summer]: my mayor
[19:11:27] [Summer]: my Awesome GUILD
[19:11:35] [Summer]: and the rest of the governors and towns people
[19:11:39] [Summer]: helped out a great Deal
[19:11:45] [Summer]: but i fear
[19:11:48] [Summer]: this is not over
[19:11:55] [Summer]: these monsters
[19:12:00] [Summer]: are going to attack again
[19:12:18] [Darkseed]: jake kill boy
[19:12:20] [Summer]: there has to be a way
[19:12:25] [Summer]: to track this meteor
[19:12:30] [Summer]: and vanquish it
[19:12:34] [Summer]: from sosaria
[19:12:37] [King Blackthorn]: Has the meteor been found yet?
[19:12:41] [Summer]: no
[19:12:45] [Summer]: its dep beneth
[19:12:48] [Summer]: the waters
[19:13:01] [Summer]: we have no idea
[19:13:04] [Summer]: where it is
[19:13:10] [Summer]: I have a feeling
[19:13:13] [Summer]: it is
[19:13:17] [Summer]: somewhere near
[19:13:20] [Summer]: Moonglow
[19:13:30] [Summer]: becouse of how the partially flooded island is split
[19:13:37] [King Blackthorn]: I may be able to assist with that, but beyond military aid when called upon…
[19:13:45] [King Blackthorn]: How are the people of Moonglow?
[19:13:54] [Summer]: i spoke to all the shop keepers
[19:13:56] [Oogugbu]: no urks in mooglow har
[19:13:59] [Summer]: business is ok
[19:14:04] [Summer]: there are fine
[19:14:07] [Summer]: the zoo is good
[19:14:11] [Summer]: marcy is ok also
[19:14:17] [Summer]: marcy the silver steed
[19:14:41] [Summer]: with the election
[19:14:43] [Summer]: comming up
[19:14:47] [Summer]: its a rough time
[19:14:52] [Summer]: to do election and worry about
[19:14:57] [Summer]: these aliens
[19:15:19] [Summer]: i was wondering if vepser
[19:15:22] [Summer]: or minioc
[19:15:26] [Summer]: could send there
[19:15:26] [azazel]: so I would guess you would propose to do away with elections
[19:15:32] [King Blackthorn]: I wouldnt worry so much about the election, people respond to action more than rhetoric.
[19:15:47] [Beldin Brightaxe]: or gold..
[19:15:54] [Joseph Frostmore]: Vespers sword are yours to quell these aliens Governor.
[19:15:57] [Lew]: *chuckles*
[19:15:58] [Summer]: I was going to ask vesper and minoc to send there boats to moonglow
[19:16:02] [Joseph Frostmore]: Swords rather
[19:16:06] [Galathan]: .
[19:16:11] [Summer]: and ask you King
[19:16:15] [Beldin Brightaxe]: boats?
[19:16:16] [Summer]: to have your flets ready
[19:16:20] [Summer]: fleets
[19:16:23] [Summer]: ships
[19:16:23] [Beldin Brightaxe]: we donnae even huv docks…
[19:16:35] [Summer]: im sorry i meant vepsers
[19:16:37] [Joseph Frostmore]: *chuckles at Beldins comment*
[19:16:42] [Summer]: heheh
[19:16:49] [Lew]: Can dwarves swim?
[19:16:52] [King Blackthorn]: Aye, Minoc has a shipright, but he mostly produces skiffs as there are no docks in Minoc.
[19:16:55] [Joseph Frostmore]: Aye lord governor. The armada will be at the ready.
[19:17:18] [King Blackthorn]: Very well.
[19:17:36] [King Blackthorn]: I was approached this evening by a man calling himself a Physician…
[19:17:46] [Beldin Brightaxe]: aye
[19:17:49] [Beldin Brightaxe]: at thae bottom.
[19:17:59] [Summer]: lost conn sorry
[19:18:00] [King Blackthorn]: He handed me a note, he seemed to be a bit of an astronomer as well.
[19:18:22] [Summer]: woah
[19:18:26] [Summer]: *looks at note*
[19:18:27] [King Blackthorn]: I have no way of knowing if this information is reliable.
[19:18:39] [Queen Arya]: does he have a name?
[19:18:48] [Tatiana Thorn]: =so perhaps ships sailing about looking for any sign?
[19:18:58] [King Blackthorn]: He did not volunteer it.
[19:19:03] [Darkseed]: jake kill boy
[19:19:21] [Queen Arya]: hmm
[19:19:24] [King Blackthorn]: I would like to find this meteor, maybe then we will have some idea on how to proceede.
[19:19:32] [Summer]: *King can the governors have a copy of this?*
[19:19:43] [King Blackthorn]: You are welcome to copy the information, yes.
[19:19:47] [Lew]: just jot it down Summer, we all have
[19:20:52] [Joseph Frostmore]: Are these aliens pursuing the meteor? Is that there motive?
[19:20:56] [Galathan]: .
[19:21:12] [King Blackthorn]: Normally when a meteor arrives from the void above, it comes with some sort of danger.
[19:21:13] [Queen Arya]: thought they were coming from it
[19:21:33] [King Blackthorn]: Almost always there is some menace that arrives with it.
[19:21:41] [King Blackthorn]: However, the invasion of Moonglow was… extreme.
[19:21:49] [King Blackthorn]: Beyond anything seen before.
[19:21:58] [Summer]: But it was dealt with and vanquished!!!
[19:22:01] [King Blackthorn]: Things have been quiet since, but still.
[19:22:12] [King Blackthorn]: Who knows what is waiting out in the oceans.
[19:22:19] [Tatiana Thorn]: *nods*
[19:22:21] [azazel]: godzilla?
[19:22:23] [Joseph Frostmore]: Aye
[19:22:26] [King Blackthorn]: I want a vote of solidarity for Moonglow from all the Governors.
[19:22:26] [Lew]: I sure hope there is no sickness involved with that meteor
[19:22:30] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Aye, boot there is still a meteor.
[19:22:36] [Nails Warstein]: I will second that
[19:22:53] [Queen Arya]: jheloms on board
[19:22:56] [Summer]: ty
[19:23:01] [Lew]: I am here to speak for Trinsic
[19:23:09] [Lew]: Moonglow has its full support
[19:23:16] [Tatiana Thorn]: aye we should always pull as one
[19:23:19] [King Blackthorn]: Well, hopefully you will retake your Seat Lord Lew.
[19:23:24] [King Blackthorn]: this chamber misses you.
[19:23:46] [Lew]: if the people requrie it, I will serve
[19:23:47] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Yer huv Minoc’s support
[19:23:50] [Joseph Frostmore]: As I’ve stated Vespers military and naval power stands with our allies in Moonglow.
[19:23:52] [Summer]: ty everyone
[19:23:53] [Beldin Brightaxe]: fer thae next two weeks
[19:23:56] [King Blackthorn]: The King requires it.
[19:24:00] [King Blackthorn]: *winks at Lew*
[19:24:01] [Summer]: TY
[19:24:06] [Beldin Brightaxe]: after tha’ yer’ll huv tae ask thae new governor ae Minoc
[19:24:13] [Beldin Brightaxe]: As Ah will nae be runnin’ fer office
[19:24:30] [King Blackthorn]: Summer, I ask for regular reports should you garner any information about this Meteor.
[19:24:35] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Boot thae dwarf folk ae Kraggen Cor off their support fer Moonglow
[19:24:36] [Oogugbu]: har har gud
[19:24:38] [Summer]: yes King
[19:24:40] [King Blackthorn]: Make sure the criers and reporters get the information.
[19:24:49] [Summer]: i will send a ship out tonight
[19:24:56] [Summer]: to investigate
[19:24:58] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Shut yer hole orcling !
[19:24:59] [Summer]: the cordinates
[19:25:01] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[19:25:22] [King Blackthorn]: Now, Governor Summer, should Moonglow require anything from the Crown…
[19:25:22] [azazel]: what about the police box in britain? maybe the doctor can help
[19:25:34] [Summer]: yes king
[19:25:37] [King Blackthorn]: Supplies, Kingsguard to keep the peace… Food for refugees…
[19:25:41] [King Blackthorn]: Anything, do let me know.
[19:25:50] [King Blackthorn]: We will not allow Moonglow to fall.
[19:25:58] [Summer]: more guards and a way we can alert everyone in case of an attack again
[19:26:13] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[19:26:35] [King Blackthorn]: I think the criers did a rather good job with the flood and invasions.
[19:26:40] [Summer]: yes they did
[19:26:44] [Tatiana Thorn]: *nods*
[19:26:44] [Summer]: they were quick
[19:26:47] [King Blackthorn]: But I will see that the guard presence is increased.
[19:26:51] [Joseph Frostmore]: *nods*
[19:26:53] [Summer]: ty King
[19:26:54] [cannabis]: same
[19:27:08] [King Blackthorn]: Now, we will move on to standard business.
[19:27:27] [King Blackthorn]: Arya of Jhelom, the floor is yours, what can the Crown do for Jhelom?
[19:27:34] [Queen Arya]: Thank you sir
[19:27:52] [Queen Arya]: Jhelom seems to be fairing well
[19:28:01] [Queen Arya]: no complaints from our lil corner
[19:28:06] [Queen Arya]: we do have many activities
[19:28:09] [Queen Arya]: planned
[19:28:15] [Queen Arya]: for the Month of June
[19:28:25] [Queen Arya]: an announcements are being made
[19:28:30] [King Blackthorn]: Excellent.
[19:28:37] [Queen Arya]: thank you sir
[19:29:05] [King Blackthorn]: Lord Warstein, I assure you the title you and your friend Floyde earned are not forgotten…
[19:29:30] [Nails Warstein]: I never double more lord and liege’s word for anything.
[19:29:33] [King Blackthorn]: The inscriber is… slow… I guess.
[19:29:39] [Nails Warstein]: *doubt
[19:29:42] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[19:29:57] [King Blackthorn]: What can the crown do for New Magincia, the floor is yours
[19:30:36] [Nails Warstein]: I must admit the emergency council meeting caught me by surprise in that I was too busy fighting off the alien invasion to prepare a list of needs this month.
[19:30:50] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[19:31:14] [King Blackthorn]: And rightfully so. When the nation requires a shift in our priorities it becomes nessessity.
[19:31:30] [Nails Warstein]: We did have a lovely Sunday afternoon last weekend planting in the New Magincia gardens, however it seems many were unable to attend due to travel advisories I presume.
[19:31:32] [Summer]: *nods*
[19:31:53] [King Blackthorn]: Aye, last weekend was a busy one for many.
[19:31:56] [Oogugbu]: *eyes Solus*
[19:32:08] [Nails Warstein]: I will be assisting the Governor of Jhelom for June’s activies.
[19:32:29] [Nails Warstein]: What every Jhelom requires I will support.
[19:32:36] [King Blackthorn]: Governor Brightaxe, the floor is yours.
[19:32:43] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Hrmm
[19:32:49] [Beldin Brightaxe]: well, nae mooch ter say really.
[19:32:52] [Oogugbu]: *grumbles*
[19:32:53] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Although…
[19:32:54] [King Blackthorn]: *wonders who’s idea it was to sit the Dwarf and the ORc next to one another*
[19:33:03] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Huv Ah ever mentioned tha’ Minoc could use some docks?
[19:33:09] [Summer]: lol
[19:33:31] [Beldin Brightaxe]: An’
[19:33:39] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Ah will nae be runnin’ fer governor this term
[19:33:44] [King Blackthorn]: Aye, however the Archetects have told me that the bedrock around the city cannot support one.
[19:33:49] [Oogugbu]: har har har
[19:33:51] [King Blackthorn]: Unfortunatly.
[19:33:59] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Ah find masale ter busy with Kraggen Cor
[19:34:09] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[19:34:19] [King Blackthorn]: I understand Master Dwarf.
[19:34:28] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Ah huv noticed tha’ Mount Kendal is spewin’ smoke
[19:34:55] [King Blackthorn]: Mount Kendal?
[19:34:58] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Seems thae meteor may huv stirred things oop a bit?
[19:35:10] [Tatiana Thorn]: oh oh
[19:35:11] [King Blackthorn]: Someone refresh me on that one.
[19:35:13] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Mount Kendall is thae mountain next ter Minoc.
[19:35:21] [King Blackthorn]: Ah, I see.
[19:35:32] [Bors the Undying]: It’s a volcano
[19:35:35] [Galathan]: .
[19:35:50] [Bors the Undying]: mostly inactive
[19:36:22] [King Blackthorn]: Governor Oogugbu.
[19:36:26] [Oogugbu]: yub?
[19:36:27] [King Blackthorn]: How are the people of Britain?
[19:36:36] [Oogugbu]: they be gud
[19:36:43] [Oogugbu]: me have anouncment
[19:36:43] [Summer]: what people there all orcs
[19:36:51] [Beldin Brightaxe]: besides filthy?
[19:37:00] [Oogugbu]: me be apointing new Ambassador to urk kind
[19:37:07] [Oogugbu]: to ommies
[19:37:30] [Oogugbu]: Solus wil be me Ambassador and spek fer me
[19:37:42] [Tatiana Thorn]: oh my
[19:37:51] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Kruti
[19:37:57] [Solus]: Hello King Blackthorn
[19:37:57] [King Blackthorn]: *closes his eyes briefly and shakes his head*
[19:37:59] [Solus]: And the council
[19:38:00] [Lew]: *glares*
[19:38:03] [King Blackthorn]: Alright.
[19:38:11] [King Blackthorn]: *bites his tongue*
[19:38:11] [Solus]: Due to the obvious communication issues
[19:38:12] [Lew]: MURDERER!
[19:38:23] [Solus]: I have been hired to be the Governors ambassador
[19:38:28] [Solus]: *coughs*
[19:38:29] [Joseph Frostmore]: This is outrageous.
[19:38:32] [Solus]: As of last night
[19:38:33] [Beldin Brightaxe]: hired?
[19:38:35] [Galathan]: *pokes lew*
[19:38:40] [Galathan]: him of all people
[19:38:41] [Solus]: The orc leadership in Britain caught a Dwarf spy from Minoc
[19:38:41] [King Blackthorn]: *whispers something to Galathan about Asprin*
[19:38:41] [Summer]: i dnt agree with this
[19:38:43] [Galathan]: really
[19:38:48] [Solus]: Per orcish rules
[19:38:55] [Lew]: *looks at gal*
[19:38:57] [Galathan]: *hands the King the bottle of asprin*
[19:38:58] [Solus]: This spy will be executed within days time
[19:39:03] [King Blackthorn]: *nods and takes it*
[19:39:04] [Lew]: i the king needs your special pills
[19:39:12] [Beldin Brightaxe]: *raises eyebrow*
[19:39:13] [Solus]: It seems apparent
[19:39:14] [Tatiana Thorn]: oh lord
[19:39:19] [Solus]: The dwarves have conspired
[19:39:21] [Solus]: Against the orcs
[19:39:23] [Solus]: And against Britain
[19:39:28] [Beldin Brightaxe]: *laughs loudly*
[19:39:35] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Tha’ were a secret?
[19:39:40] [Solus]: A crime the orcs seem to demand tribue as reperation
[19:39:45] [King Blackthorn]: Solus, we are one nation. We are not City states bickering and battling eachother.
[19:39:47] [Oogugbu]: twibute
[19:39:55] [Solus]: King
[19:39:56] [King Blackthorn]: I am King.
[19:39:58] [Galathan]: *looks at lew*
[19:39:59] [Solus]: Address the Governor please
[19:40:01] [Solus]: I am but his messenger
[19:40:05] [Lew]: *shrugs*
[19:40:10] [Galathan]: why is he always involved in killing peeople
[19:40:13] [King Blackthorn]: There is no such thing as a spy from Minoc to Britain.
[19:40:14] [Solus]: Show your respect to Britain’s Warbozz
[19:40:14] [Summer]: Seems the Governor of brit wants to be lazy
[19:40:16] [Queen Arya]: gasps*
[19:40:22] [Summer]: and hand off his work to this guy
[19:40:31] [Oogugbu]: ther was me caught
[19:40:35] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Nae tha’ Ah’d know aboot any dwarf spies…
[19:40:45] [Beldin Brightaxe]: boot they’d be from Kraggen Cor
[19:40:47] [Solus]: Govenror Oogugbu is already sending men to Minoc as we speak
[19:40:48] [Joseph Frostmore]: *whispers to Tati “this is what happens when you give an orc some nice cloths and a little power
[19:40:49] [Lew]: *shakes head*
[19:40:54] [Solus]: As King, you are to handle these matters
[19:40:59] [Solus]: If you refuse, they will handle it themselves
[19:41:05] [Tatiana Thorn]: oh lordy
[19:41:07] [Lew]: *whispers to the king*
[19:41:08] [Oogugbu]: slice dum dwarfs
[19:41:10] [Solus]: The realm of Britannia can make tribute as well
[19:41:15] [Lew]: Methinks the moat needs a friend
[19:41:20] [Summer]: haha
[19:41:21] [Galathan]: *chuckles*
[19:41:27] [Solus]: That will be all
[19:41:27] [Lanfear]: give him da boot
[19:41:31] [Nails Warstein]: I can mediate any misunderstandings if the King would like to deligate this matter
[19:41:35] [King Blackthorn]: Solus, you are a madman. And I do not mean that as a compliment.
[19:41:43] [Oogugbu]: …
[19:41:45] [Solus]: *takes his seat*
[19:41:46] [Akera]: lol
[19:41:47] [Summer]: *agrees*
[19:41:47] [Oogugbu]: me wurds
[19:41:48] [Queen Arya]: heh
[19:41:49] [King Blackthorn]: That sounds wonderful Lord Warstein.
[19:41:51] [Galathan]: *nods*
[19:41:57] [Solus]: I merely am trying to spread peace
[19:42:04] [Oogugbu]: me too
[19:42:07] [King Blackthorn]: Make sure the terms Monarchy, Unity and Kingsguard beheading traitors…
[19:42:11] [King Blackthorn]: Are a part of the conversation.
[19:42:15] [Lew]: lol
[19:42:16] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Bah !
[19:42:21] [Tatiana Thorn]: *hides a smile*
[19:42:27] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Yer peace means vengeance !
[19:42:28] [Queen Arya]: heh
[19:42:30] [Oogugbu]: me lik tu add
[19:44:07] [King Blackthorn]: Governor Lew… I mean… Lord Lew.
[19:44:07] [Oogugbu]: vote fer me
[19:44:07] [Lew]: *grinns openly*
[19:44:14] [King Blackthorn]: Speak for Trinsic, please old friend.
[19:44:15] [Lew]: aye Sire
[19:44:31] [Lew]: Trinsic has no great need this meeting sire
[19:44:34] [Lew]: just an announcement
[19:44:42] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[19:44:47] [Lew]: The 4th fishing contest was a huge success
[19:44:55] [Lew]: Roland Desh has won the Kings Prize
[19:45:01] [King Blackthorn]: Excellent.
[19:45:08] [Lew]: and I have his fish mounted and ready to hand over
[19:45:17] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[19:45:28] [Lew]: I also want to assure the people of sosaria
[19:45:30] [King Blackthorn]: I will add it to the stack and see that they are mounted.
[19:45:39] [Lew]: that the fish shack being closed at the moment does not affect Trinsic in any way
[19:46:03] [Lew]: That is all from Trinasic Sire
[19:46:07] [Lew]: err Trinsic
[19:46:09] [King Blackthorn]: Our Congrats to Rolan Desh.
[19:46:29] [King Blackthorn]: Summer we have heard from you and the events in Moonglow, but is there anything else?
[19:46:48] [Summer]: No King i just wanna say thank you for your help and support
[19:46:53] [Summer]: and thank the
[19:46:55] [Summer]: Governors
[19:46:58] [King Blackthorn]: Anything we can do.
[19:46:59] [Summer]: for there support
[19:46:59] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[19:47:07] [Summer]: and i hope to be re elected
[19:47:11] [Summer]: to continue
[19:47:11] [azazel]: is this were we all die?
[19:47:12] [King Blackthorn]: Good Lady Alexi…
[19:47:14] [King Blackthorn]: PArdon.
[19:47:16] [Summer]: to make Moonglow
[19:47:18] [Summer]: better
[19:47:18] [King Blackthorn]: Governor Thorn.
[19:47:21] [Tatiana Thorn]: Skara Brae remains steadfast and strong
[19:47:24] [King Blackthorn]: The floor is yours.
[19:47:24] [Tatiana Thorn]: *smiles*
[19:47:32] [Tatiana Thorn]: and Alexi was my maiden name
[19:47:39] [King Blackthorn]: *smiles slightly*
[19:47:58] [King Blackthorn]: Does anyone speak for Vesper this evening?
[19:48:05] [Joseph Frostmore]: Aye thank you your grace.
[19:48:08] [azazel]: i do
[19:48:08] [Tatiana Thorn]: *glances to mr joseph*
[19:48:11] [King Blackthorn]: Oh how we do miss Khaleesi.
[19:48:25] [King Blackthorn]: Lord Frostmore, the floor is yours.
[19:48:26] [Joseph Frostmore]: Vesper is conforted by the presence of kingsguard at our docks
[19:48:41] [Joseph Frostmore]: Also some good news about the pirate Degraaf
[19:49:00] [Joseph Frostmore]: Our mighty Armada ambushed the pirate fleet at Nujelm
[19:49:05] [Prej]: *flexes*
[19:49:09] [Joseph Frostmore]: And took the captain alive.
[19:49:11] [Raina Cold Eyes]: Azrael please move back
[19:49:21] [King Blackthorn]: Excellent.
[19:49:27] [azazel]: who are you to give me orders?
[19:49:28] [Joseph Frostmore]: We plan to ut him on trial as soon as Piram Agrivar returns to the city
[19:49:28] [King Blackthorn]: I assume piracy has much declined since then?
[19:49:34] [Raina Cold Eyes]: just do it
[19:49:35] [Queen Arya]: sighs
[19:49:38] [Joseph Frostmore]: Indeed your grace
[19:49:39] [Queen Arya]: she is Crux
[19:49:43] [Queen Arya]: royal guard
[19:49:44] [Joseph Frostmore]: Lastly.
[19:49:48] [Queen Arya]: plz take a seat
[19:49:59] [Lanfear]: stop being a boob and sit
[19:50:07] [Summer]: HE WIll never BE A BOOB
[19:50:08] [Shemp]: funny
[19:50:20] [Joseph Frostmore]: A Vesper town meeting will occur soon. Please keep an eye out on the docks by the bank
[19:50:23] [Darkseed]: i listen to no one but the king
[19:50:29] [azazel]: as do I
[19:50:34] [Joseph Frostmore]: We will have a brief discussion and a group hunt is planned
[19:50:36] [Raina Cold Eyes]: be careful what you wish for sir
[19:50:46] [Joseph Frostmore]: I yeild the rest of my time.
[19:50:50] [azazel]: I bow before you my lord.
[19:51:02] [Lew]: Gal, can I have one of those asprin please
[19:51:15] [Shemp]: *sigh*
[19:51:15] [Galathan]: *hands him 2*
[19:51:17] [Lanfear]: ill take a bottle if you have extra
[19:51:20] [Rathbone Fyrgar]: Lady summer, i bring news of the meteor site
[19:51:20] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[19:51:30] [Lew]: *leans had back and tosses in pills*
[19:51:30] [King Blackthorn]: *looks to Rathbone*
[19:51:33] [Tatiana Thorn]: *glances over*
[19:51:33] [Galathan]: *makes notes to bring more asprin to meetings*
[19:51:36] [Summer]: News?
[19:51:37] [Joseph Frostmore]: *ears perk*
[19:51:37] [King Blackthorn]: The floor is yours sir.
[19:51:46] [Summer]: Please SPEAk
[19:51:54] [King Blackthorn]: Take to the center.
[19:51:57] [King Blackthorn]: So that all may hear.
[19:52:04] [Rathbone Fyrgar]: my friend the fisherman has come across the meteor site and it has strange writing on it that says 24 weeks
[19:52:11] [azazel]: who
[19:52:32] [King Blackthorn]: Rathbone, please take center so that all may hear you.
[19:52:37] [King Blackthorn]: *points across the table*
[19:52:53] [Summer]: come
[19:53:05] [Summer]: adress the king
[19:53:08] [King Blackthorn]: *nods*
[19:53:45] [King Blackthorn]: Tell us of this meteor.
[19:53:49] [King Blackthorn]: Anything of note?
[19:53:51] [Rathbone Fyrgar]: my friend the fisherman has come across the meteor site and its on fire and was strange writing that says lifespan 24 weeks
[19:53:52] [King Blackthorn]: The size?
[19:54:30] [Rathbone Fyrgar]: its about the size of a orc ship with a black hole in the center
[19:54:39] [King Blackthorn]: I encourage everyone to hafve a look at this meteor.
[19:54:41] [Tatiana Thorn]: oh oh
[19:54:48] [King Blackthorn]: See what mysteries are to be unveiled.
[19:54:51] [Tatiana Thorn]: so maybe space for something to come out……
[19:55:02] [King Blackthorn]: As Yew is unrepresented, is there anyone that wishes to speak for Yew?
[19:55:07] [Lew]: maybe size enough for someone to go in?
[19:55:08] [King Blackthorn]: Quickly?
[19:55:08] [azazel]: anyone know if ship cannons could destroy it?
[19:55:30] [Summer]: after the meeting i will board my ship
[19:55:37] [King Blackthorn]: Very well, as the Bards are playing quite a production this evening…
[19:55:39] [Galathan]: I believe Aulbrey is drunk som,ewhere my King
[19:55:46] [King Blackthorn]: We shall cut the meeting short here.
[19:55:46] [Darkseed]: is the king going to joing us on this adventure?
[19:55:52] [Shemp]: Lol
[19:55:56] [King Blackthorn]: Long Live Britannia!
[19:55:59] [Beldin Brightaxe]: Aulbrey is always drunk
[19:56:06] [Lew]: Long Live the King
[19:56:08] [Prej]: *flexes again*
[19:56:12] [Tatiana Thorn]: long live britania
[19:56:15] [Kethry]: Long live the King!
[19:56:15] [Lew]: *glances at Gal*
[19:56:16] [Joseph Frostmore]: Long live King Blackthorn!
[19:56:20] [Galathan]: sighs
[19:56:24] [Lew]: shall we go?
[19:56:28] [Lew]: I need a drink


Trouble at Destard – Recap of the 05/30 EM Balthazar Event

Atlantic Shard badge

It all started with an announcement via the Herald System, there was something happening at Destard. That is generally enough to send shivers down a lot of spines when you take into consideration the type of inhabitants it holds, but the rallying nature of the news held a greater sense of urgency than normal. Some adventures decided to survey the area prior to the designated time to rally and were greeted by Underworld Sentries, Spies and a Guardian who enjoyed talking trash.

Underworld Spies and Guardian

Once word spread about the dire situation the number of those willing to fight swelled quickly. A quick meeting let us all know what we were facing. The Dragons now have a leader who has his own rallying cry. What is his cry? How is he uniting all the Dragon Clans against the different races of Britannia? “No longer will we be relegated to the Underground World. We will kill everything on 2 legs and take over the above ground world. We will move against the Humans, Elves and Gargoyles!” This news did make more than a few at the meeting begin crawling around on all fours in attempts to avoid the slaughter, but it only enraged the majority of the crowd. “To arms!” rang out. “To Destard” and “Leave no Dragon alive!” could be heard as countless Britannians jumped through the gates, not knowing if they would ever lay eyes on their loved ones again, but fully aware the fight had to be fought… and won.

When we arrived the Underworld followers attacked immediately. There was massive death off the bat. The bodies littered the ground, but they were dragon corpses. The bodies of Underworld Spies, Guardians and Servants of the Underworld covered the grass. The crowd began to get a smug air about them as more and more fell. They were confident, maybe even a little bit too confident. That borderline arrogance was short lived however. Once the Lord of the Underworld made his appearance the corpses which covered the ground began to be of fallen comrades. Fire engulfed everything in sight and cries of death echoed off the nearby mountain so loudly that it muffled the sounds of battle. Somehow, some way, the Underworld Lord was beaten back and the battle was won. When you looked into the faces of those in the crowd you could see the look of satisfaction, the look of pride in a job well done, but you could also catch a glimpse of the look that indicates most everyone knew this was not the end… just the beginning.

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