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Celebrate 15 Years with us!



Tomorrow we are all a part of history! The majority of us know how old Stratics is and here are some interesting facts Stratics.

Stratics will be hosting a Livestream tomorrow at 2:00pm EST, 1:00 pm CST, 11:00 am PST and 7:00 pm BST and the thread to share their own memories.

Stratics encourages anyone interested to attend. During this live hangout, Stratics will be giving away beta keys, merchandise, and a brand new Razer Naga gaming mouse.

You won’t want to miss the festivities.  Happy 15th Anniversary Stratics!

Atlantic Shard Generous and Lord Blackthorn Crowned King

~ . ~

Atlantic Shard Generous and Lord Blackthorn Crowned King

The crowning of a new king has been taking place on all the shards. Great Lakes held the ceremony last night and sadly I was not able to attend as I was giving a dinner party. As we all know real life often gets in the way. This event will sure go down in history and I did not want to miss it so I headed over to the Atlantic shard this evening.  New, poor and helpless in this strange land called Atlantic a kind soul by the name of Adella took me under her wings as soon as I was born. She dressed me, gifted me with 500k and showed me the way to Blackthorns castle. This type of generosity always touches my soul and it warmed me to see it is alive and well on Atlantic.


Arriving at the castle I quickly noticed a large crowd had already gathered, which grew to easily over three hundred! Not only is this shard generous it is active.


Though Adella dressed me rather well she forgot about my footwear. Another kind patron by the name of Camery noticed my bare feet and  gave me a pair of practical looking shoes to protect my delicate feet. Later I was to learn he took the shoes off his own feet for me.


As the grand room started bursting at the seams Lady Danica and Lord Dupre arrived. Lady Danica addressed the crowd first and introduced Dupre.


Lord Dupree gave a long winded and well scripted speech which included the distant and most recent history in our lands. Then the one and only Lord Blackthorn appeared.

Though not a surprise to anyone in the crowd Blackthorn was crowned KING OF BRITANNIA.

With the crown upon his head the new king ushered everyone out of the grand room and showed the way to a distant location.

As a memento of this royal and grand event those traveling to this location received copies of the newly crowned kings thrown.


Great Lakes Sports Report


Void Pool Leader Board

Trammel – June 20th, 2012
Best Single Battle
Rank Player Score
1  Nadeshiko  64165
2  Kisar Sosey  26407
3  Ginsu  21003
4  Traven Bonemace  20014
5  Magnachar  17233
6  Catastrophe  15947
7  NightStriker  15477
8  Sreynuon  15438
9  Kratos 15037
10  Sixteen Valve  14393
Overall Total Scores
Rank Player Score
1  NightStriker  1130765
2  Nadeshiko  1034655
3  KatmanDu  561052
4  Tye Weatherlight  447326
5  lucky  406553
6  MIKA  387844
7  Lindera  377905
8  A.Z  366918
9  Magnachar  357189
10  Watson 352840
Felucca – June 20th, 2012
Best Single Battle
Rank Player Score
1  Harley Quinn  17969
2  Nadeshiko  10257
3  Gohan  7725
4  Aeryn Sun  7116
5  GOLDARR  6507
6  A Nympho  5292
7  Mandorallen  4776
8  SPARTACUS  4627
9  Traven Bonemace  3750
10  Fury  2658
Overall Total Scores
Rank Player Score
1  Harley Quinn  28588
2  Nadeshiko  27585
3  MEDIC  21353
4  Aeryn Sun  16297
5  GOLDARR  8439
6  Gohan  8172
7  A Nympho  6644
8  Mandorallen  6000
9  SPARTACUS  4627
10  Prometheus  4362

Arena Leader Board

Survival Ranking
Rank Player Rating
1  XaVieR KaNe  10168
2  MEDIC  10143
3  Grey Fool  10130
4  DJ Mr Mix It  10127
5  Depraved  10125
6  Recon  10120
7  Scooby Doo  10118
8  Johnny Dangerous  10117
9  Puriel  10108
10  Trouser MouSe  10101
Team Ranking
Rank Player Rating
1  XaVieR KaNe  10338
2  Bluebie  10213
3  Buddy Weizer  10150
4  Scarface  10143
5  Excel  10140
6  Lt Shiny Sides  10139
7  Devildriver  10138
8  Repo Man  10137
9  Kazliklu Voyvoda  10127
10  Joo Nooberz  10075