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Sapphire Eye of the Dungeon Doom Pt.1

Standing in Castle Blackthorn’s courtyard, Time Lord Hawkwind, watched the Royal Spies gather. Captain Corian had told the truth. Brave and loyal, the spies answered his call. Hawkwind noted some that Captain Corian told him of: Demoss, Sad Panda, Traxton Softfoot, Grea, Brigid, Kanalit, Shumer, Savannah Rose, Catalyst, Funky Chicken, Wat Pomp, Spuflasath, Vyxen, too many to name. Faces, grim and battle worn, they waited for his news. Nodding at their greetings, he thought, these could defeat Minax. “I have returned to help you in the battle against Minax.” he said. The courtyard filled with cheers.

A Fiery Ally Pt.1

Entering the hall Vyxen looked for her friends. Seeing her, Tamais waved her over. Sitting down, “Any word of Minax or the Fiery Lady,” she asked?

“No,” replied Lady Thalia, “But the Royal Spies are searching.”

When Evidias entered the room, hopefull yet worried eyes turned her way.

“Greetings everyone, thank you for coming at such short notice.”