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Black Pearl

black_pearl Black Pearl is considered common and is readily found on the ground. It can also be purchased at any NPC Vendor selling Reagents.


Commonly used in spells involving travel, propulsion, projection and distance and as an agent in several combat spells.

  • First Circle: na
  • Second Circle: na
  • Third Circle: Fireball
  • Fourth Circle: Fire Field, Mana Drain, and Recall
  • Fifth Circle: Blade Spirits, Dispel Field, Mind Blast, and Poison Field
  • Sixth Circle: Energy Bolt, Mark, and Paralyze Field
  • Seventh Circle: Chain Lightening, Energy Field, Gate Travel, Mana Vampire, and Mass Dispel
  • Eighth Circle: Energy Vortex


Associated with refreshment and used for potions in such manner.