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Blood Moss

blood_moss Blood Moss is considered a common Reagent and is found scattered on the ground in swamps and marshlands, but can also be found in other places just not in such concentrated quantities. It can also be purchased from NPC Vendors who sell Reagents. A reddish-brown fungus known to focus the qualities of speed, animation and locomotion.


  • First Circle: Clumsiness
  • Second Circle: Agility and Magic, Untrap
  • Third Circle: Magic Lock, Telekinesis, Teleport, Unlock, and Wall of Stone
  • Fourth Circle: Recall
  • Fifth Circle: Incognito and Summon, Creature
  • Sixth Circle: Explosion, Invisibility, Mark, and Reveal Hidden
  • Seventh Circle: Chain Lightening, Mana Vampire, Meteor Swarm, and Polymorph