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It looks like a ghoul, it sounds like a ghoul, it fights like a ghoul, it has the same loot as a ghoul, it even has the same stats and skills as a ghoul

If I didn’t know any better I’d say that it was a Ghoul, but the name over it’s head says it a Bogle, so that’s what it is.

The Bogle only made a relatively short appearance in the game, from publish 16 and up to the release of Age of Shadows, at which point it just disappeared.

   The Bogle shared graphics with the Shade and Ghost in the Classic Client.
shade shade2


Special Abilities: None
Loot: 10 – 50 Gold. A Random Weapon, Bones
Found At: No longer spawns anywhere.
Related To: Ghoul, Shade, Spectre, Wraith
First Seen: Publish 16, July 2002
Damage: 100% Physical Damage
Loyalty: Not Given
Fame: Level 2 Karma: Level 2
Magic Level: None Poison Level: None
Slayer Weapon Vulnerability: Undead Slayer Ranged Attack: None
Required Taming: Speed: Slow
Pack Instincts: None Auto Dispel: No
Preferred Foods: None Barding Difficulty: 41.5
Taming Notes: Not Tameable. Barding Notes:


Class DR Comments
Archer: 2
Bard: 2
Mage: 2
Tamer: 2
Warrior: 2


10 readings Hit Points Stamina Mana STR DEX INT
Minimum: 46 76 76 76 36
Average: 53 86 88 86 48
Maximum: 60 95 100 95 60


10 readings Physical Fire Cold Poison Energy
Minimum: 25 20 5 10
Average: 28 25 8 15
Maximum: 30 30 10 20


10 readings Wrestling Tactics Magic Resist Anatomy Poison Heal Magery Eval. Int. Meditate
Min: 45.1 45.1 45.1 0.0
Avg: 50.1 52.6 52.6 0.0
Max: 55.0 60.0 60.0 0.0

Best Equipment

Best weapon material against this creature: Bronze
Most important damage type against this creature: Fire
Most important elemental resistance against this creature: Physical