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Construction of a Canopy by Jarod of Europa

The Editor wants to note that the process detailed here for stacking items was in use prior to the availability of the Decoration Tool. This lost art of “stacking” is still in use today by many Veteran players.

The canopy looks best on a sandstone patio I think, but since I didn’t have one available, I use a small tower for the demonstration. These instructions can be used to build a canopy of any size, and can also help with building a rooftop shed.

Custom Stairs

Customizing your Sosarian home can get very complicated, particularly if you want special architecture, like a split level stair with landings, or a tight spiral stair to save space. Members of our community have tested and tweaked for countless hours and put together these short guides on manipulating the interior stairs of your home. It is still a bit challenging, but soon enough, you will be creating the home of your dreams!

Echo’s Decos

Posted with permission from Miss Echo of Oceania

For those of you who know me, you will know I have a passion for building and deco, so I have decided to put up a few things I have done, or made, or found in my travels through Sosaria that I like.  Not all are my creation, and where I know the ‘originator’ I shall give credit. Some things I have seen have inspired me to amend them to ‘my way’ of doing a similar thing or tried to work a ‘better’ way of doing it to use less lockdowns, which all decorators know is the bane of life in UO!

I tend to do my stuff in a ‘whole of building’ approach from start to finish, to form some type of ‘theme’ for the whole house.