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House Management

VaseOnce you have placed your house and added the finishing touches to the design, you will want to make the place a little more livable. You can add furniture and chests to store your belongings in, have vendors working out of your house, and decide who will have access to the place.

Even if you are not fortunate enough to have your own house, another player may make you a Friend or Co-owner of his or her house, which will give you certain privileges. In that case, you will want to read this section as well!

Large Waterfall

Written by Kiral, editing by Jared of Europa

Large Waterfalls or Making Stacks Spanning Several Floors

Rather than just the quick and dirty specific how-to, I’ll throw in a little concept stuff because this can be applied to all houses with balconies: villas, marble patios, sandstones…

You’re right there is a height limit, which is 17 as Waylander says. However, the implicit assumption is that you can’t stack higher than 17 above the floor, when in fact in my experience, you can’t stack higher than 17 above you. In other words, if you can change your height above the floor, you can stack higher than 17 above the floor.

Optical Illusion Lighthouse

The basics behind an illusion house is that the south and east walls, along with the roof hide whats going on with the rest of the building. That being said, quite alot of frustration goes into a decent illusion build. Although single towers such as the lighthouse I built can be fairly simple except for the usual hang-ups, those being the Southeast corner.. and the top floor lining up with the bottom.