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batwing Batwing was most likely used in spells such as Summon Creature, Confusion Blast and Devastation. Now, its full use is narrowed to the opposite of life and creature magic – necromancy. Where reagents like Ginseng, Blood Moss and Spider Silk serve the purpose in a more precious form, utilizing an ancient form a magic called Thaumaturgy – they borrowed both ideas and reagents from other magic rituals most akin to healing. Batwing is quite the opposite…

Pig Iron

pig_iron Pig Iron was once used for protection spells by Sorcerers, just as Necromancers used dirt. As the world changed, so too has the use of this oddly named iron. Adopted by Necromancers for use in their own twisted version of protection spells.

Magical uses in the distant past include: Fire shield, Endure Heat, Explosion, Banish daemon, Flame bolt, Armor of flames, Conflagration, Destruction and Devastation.


  • Curse Weapon
  • Mind Rot
  • Pain Spike
  • Vampiric Embrace
  • Vengeful Spirit
  • Wither
  • Wraith Form


No known use.