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Construction of a Canopy by Jarod of Europa

The Editor wants to note that the process detailed here for stacking items was in use prior to the availability of the Decoration Tool. This lost art of “stacking” is still in use today by many Veteran players.

The canopy looks best on a sandstone patio I think, but since I didn’t have one available, I use a small tower for the demonstration. These instructions can be used to build a canopy of any size, and can also help with building a rooftop shed.

Classic Quests

The quests designated as ‘Classic Quests’ pre-date the introduction of the quest system of Mondains Legacy and have several pertinent differences.

  • You may only undertake one classic quest at a time, attempting to take a new quest while having an incomplete classic quest in your quest log will result in a dialogue box with no quest offer.  In order to take the new quest you must either complete or resign the current one.
  • The classic quest log is accessed through your character’s context menu and is entirely separate from the newer quest system.

Classic Quests

Ambitious Solen Queen

Description: Kill 5 of the rivaling Solen Queens and collect 50 Zoogi Fungus for the Ambitious Solen Queen.
Starting Point: Solen Hive, southeastern part.
Items Required: 50 Zoogi Fungus.
Time Required: 10-20 minutes.
Reward: 250-350 Gold, A Bag of Sending and some Powder of Translocation.

fireantqueen03The Ambitious Solen Queen Quest is started by talking to the Ambitious Solen Queen, which can be found in the southeastern part of the Solen Hive. The Ambitious Queen will ask you to do a few tasks that will help her advance in the Solen hierarchy and eventually become the Matriarch of the Solen. The tasks are relatively simple, the first is to kill 5 of the rivaling Solen Queens, who are also in line to become Matriarch. The second is to collect 50 Zoogi Fungus, so she can practice transforming it to Powder of Translocation, which is a skill that only the Matriarch masters completely.

queen's nestTo complete the first part of the quest you will need to find one of the two lairs that contain the Queens in question. One is in thenortheastern part of the Hive and the other is in the southwestern part, which one you choose doesn’t matter as the spawn is the same in both. Once you find the Queens all you have to do is to kill five of them, note that if you are a friend of the Hive this will most likely cost you that friendship.

While you are killing the Queens you might as well start completing the second part of the quest, which is to collect 50 Zoogi Fungus. Luckily the Queens will have a few of the small mushrooms on them and if those aren’t enough they should be easy to find on the other Solen in the area.

When you have completed both tasks, you should return to talk to the Ambitious Solen Queen again. She will then give you your reward, which consists of a magical Bag of Sending, a few units Powder of Translocation and a few hundred gold pieces.

Solen Matriarch Quest

Description: Kill 7 enemy Solen Infiltrators and refresh the water supply for the Solen Matriarch.
Starting Point: Solen Hive, Center.
Items Required: A Plant Seed*, 8 Pitchers of Water, 2-200 Zoogi Fungus.
Time Required: 10-20 minutes.
Reward:250-350 Gold, 1-100 Powder of Translocation and the Friendship of the Hive.
* This item is only needed sometimes.

The Solen Matriarch quest is started by talking to the Solen Matriarch, which can be found in the center of the Solen Hive. However the Matriarch is not too willing to talk to those she doesn’t know, so if you do not hold her friendship you will have to offer her a small gift in order to talk to her. Luckily the Matriarch has a weak spot for plant seeds and for just a single one she will offer you a chance to gain the friendship of the entire Solen Hive.

Solen Water VatsThe Matriarch will give you two small tasks to complete in return for safe passage through the Hive and a little something extra. The first is to kill seven of the enemy Solen Infiltrators and the second to replenish the water supply, because their normal supply has been poisoned.

To find the Solen Infiltrators, there are three places you can go. The entrance to Wind, the southeastern part of the Trinsic Jungle and the Windemere Woodsnortheast of Vesper. At those places you can find both Solen Infiltrator Warriors and Queens, both kinds will count, so just kill seven of them. While you are killing the infiltrators you might as well collect some Zoogi Fungus from the corpses, so you have something for the Matriarch to convert when you’re done.

Once you’ve killed seven of the infiltrators you should go find 8 gallons of water to replenish the water supply with, a normal glass pitcher holds about a gallon, so you’ll need 8 of those. Pitchers of water can be bought from most Innkeepers if you don’t know anywhere else to get them.

Now return to talk to the Matriarch and she will tell you what to do with the water, pour it all into the large vats in the southern part of the lair. Once that is done, go talk to the Matriarch again and she will offer to convert some Zoogi Fungus to Powder of Translocation for you. She will convert up to 200 Fungus into 100 Powder. In addition to the conversion she will also give you a few hundred gold pieces and make sure none of the Solen on the facet you’re on will attack you, at least not unless you attack them first.

Study of the Solen Hive

Description: Study the 4 Solen Egg Nests to help the Naturalist with his research.
Starting Point: Any Library.
Items Required: None.
Time Required: 10-20 minutes.
Reward: A Rare Seed.

The Study of the Solen Hive quest is started by talking to a Naturalist in one of the many libraries throughout Britannia. Libraries can be found in most larger cities, the easiest one to find is probably the Public Britain Library, which is located just north of the gates to Lord British’s Castle in Britain, or the Jhelom Library, which can be found just south of the Dueling Pits in Jhelom.

solen holeThe Naturalist will ask you to help him out with his research into the mysterious race of giant ants, the Solen, that have appeared several places in Britannia. The task he wants you to do is to go and study the four Egg Nests that can be found deep underground in the Hive of the Solen and then return to him and report all that you have seen.

The first thing you will need to do is find one of the four permanent entrances to the Hive. The easiest one to find is the one just west of the main gates of Trinsic (102° 28′ S, 25° 52′ E), but the other 3 can be found south of Minoc (75° 40′ N, 90° 21′ E), south of Yew (15° 7′ N, 41° 41′ W) and just south of the road east of the Chaos Shrine (71° 6′ N, 28° 11′ E).

solen nestOnce inside the Hive you will need to find one of the four Egg Nests and stand near it to begin studying it. When you have been there for a little while you will begin writing down what you have found out and just after that you will get a message that your study of the nest is complete.

Note that unless you are a friend of the Solen, they will not like your presence on their territory and even if you are a friend, the giant beetles, ant lion and dread spider will remain hostile.

When you have completed the study of the first nest, you can continue on to the next three and use the same approach there. Once you have visited all four nests you can return to the Naturalist with your findings for your reward or you can do a little extra work to make him extra happy and get a special reward.solen notes

The extra work involves finding a ‘secret’ fifth nest where the Solen keep their special eggs. This secret nest can be accessed from any sandy area, like a desert or beach, but only by planting a special Green Thorn there. These Green Thorns can be harvested off certain bright green plants that most gardeners should know how to grow. When the Green Thorn is planted in a sandy area it will produce a small hole in the sand that will provide access to the secret nest. The hole will collapse rather quickly though, so you will have to be fast an jump into it immediately when it appears. Once inside you should find the nest and study it the same way as the previous four.

Now when you return to the Naturalist he will applaud your good work and give you a small reward consisting of a single mutated plant seed, grown by a botanist friend of his. If you only studied the four normal nests the seed will be either Aqua, Magenta of Pink colored, but if you visited the fifth nest too, the seed will be a special Fire Red, black or white colored seed.

Terrible Hatchlings

Description: Kill 10 Deathwatch Beetle Hatchlings
Starting Point: Zento.
Quest Giver: Ansella Gryen.
Time Required: 10-20 minutes.
Reward: approximately 100 gold coins and a magic item.

Ansella Gyren
The Terrible Hatchlings quest is a very easy starter quest for new players. Begin the quest by talking to Ansella Gryen a few steps west of Makoto-Jima Moongate in the town of Zento. you are asked to kill 10 Deathwatch Beetle Hatchlings.

The hatchlings can be found in The Waste a few screens north of the town. These are non-aggressive creatures who will not attack until they are attacked.

On completion of the quest return to Ansella Gyren to collect the reward.

Collector Quest

Description: Collect various rarities for Elwood McCarrin the collector in Haven.
Starting Point: North side of the town square, New Haven.
Items Required: Fishing Pole, 10 Gold.
Time Required: 15-30 Minutes
Reward: 600-700 Gold, A Magic Item, A Section of an Obsidian Statue and 4 Monster Images.

Elwood the collector
The Collector Quest is started by talking to Elwood McCarrin the Well-known Collector, who can be found on a raised deck just north of the town square in New Haven. Elwood is a slightly confused man who apparently spends most of his time hanging at the bar, sending anyone who talks to him out to fetch strange items that he consider to be rare.

The first thing Elwood wants you to find is six Rainbow Pearls, which luckily can be found in Haven Lake a few paces to the south. To get the pearls from the lake you will need a fishing pole, which, if you don’t have one, can be bought from one of the many fishermen on the dock. With a fishing pole in your hand you just go to the lake and start fishing, eventually you will have caught six shellfish that contained rainbow pearls.
pearl dialogue

Return to Elwood with the pearls and he will send you out for the next item, a portrait painted by the respected painter Alberta Giacco. Alberta can be found at the Colored Canvas in Vesper and will gladly paint your portrait if you ask her. All you will have to do is to sit still on a stool in front of her for a few minutes. Once she is done she will send you back to Elwood with word that the portrait will follow when it is done.

The third thing Elwood sends you to get is a sheet of music autographed by the renowned minstrel Gabriel Piete, who when he isn’t on tour can be found in the Conservatory of Music in Britain. Gabriel isn’t too happy about all those fans who keep pestering him about autographs, but he agrees to give you one just to get rid of you. There is however a small problem, he doesn’t have any of his sheet music around, but lets you know that you might find some in one of the theaters he visited on his last tour. Those theaters are The King’s Men Theater in Britain, The Performing Arts Center in Jhelom and Nujel’m Theater in Nujel’m.

Only one of the theaters he mentions will have the required sheet music, which can be bought from the theatres local impresario for 10 gold pieces. With the sheet music in hand you can return to Gabriel and get him to sign it.

The final item Elwood sends you to get is a set of four toy figurines made by the famed toymaker Tomas O’Neerlan, who can be found in the Trinsic Tinkers Guild. Tomas will be happy to make the figurines,but only if you can provide him with the images to make them from. He will give you a list of the creatures he needs and a magical set of paints to capture their images with, then he will send you on your way.

The four creatures he will send you to get images of can be any combination of the following:

painting dialogue

  • Betrayer
  • Bog Thing
  • Bogling
  • Gazer
  • Giant Beetle
  • Giant Black Widow
  • Juggernaut
  • Juka Mage
  • Juka Warrior
  • Lich
  • Meer Mage
  • Meer Warrior
  • Mongbat
  • Mummy
  • Pixie
  • Plague Beast
  • Sand Vortex
  • Scorpion
  • Stone Gargoyle
  • Swamp Dragon
  • Wisp

The images will automatically be created when you use the magical paints and target the proper creature.

Once you have all four images you can return to Tomas in Trinsic and get him to start making the figurines. He will then return the images to you and send you back to Elwood to tell him that the figurines will be done soon. Upon hearing this Elwood will reward you with a small bag of things he doesn’t need in his collection, a random magic item, a Section of an Obsidian Statue and a small pile of gold.

The Golden Skull Quest

Description: Defeat the Bone Daemon in Doom
Items Required: 1000 daemon bones
Time Required: 15-30 Minutes
Reward: 4000 – 5000 Gold. Magic Items, a golden skull
NOTE: If you leave the dungeon at any point after taking the quest all progress is lost. ie. If you leave while collecting the bones your total will be forgotten. If you leave (to ressurect) after the daemon has been summoned, the skull will not be awarded.

The Golden Skull Quest is started by asking Victoria the Sorceress about Chyloth. She tells you of the ferry man and how he can be persuaded to ferry people over lake Mortis by giving him a gold skull. The skull is obtained from the bone daemon, which she will summon for you, but she requires 1000 daemon bones to do so. Victoria will store the bones for you until you complete the task.

When summoned the daemon appears on a stone pentagram in a circle of stones

On the death of the daemon the gold skull will appear in your back pack This skull can then be given to the ferryman to gain access to the Gauntlet.

The Witch's Apprentice

Description: Help the witch recover her recipe and then find the ingredients listed on it for her.
Starting Point: Ruins in the forest south of Yew.
Items Required: Shovel*, Spyglass*, Dagger/Sword*, Empty Pitcher*, A Tricorne Hat*, Lots of Alcohol*
Time Required: 15-30 Minutes.
Reward: 2000 – 2200 Gold, 30 of each Reagent, A Magic Item, A Treasure Map, A Cauldron, A Bottle of Magical Moonfire Brew, Grizelda’s Extra Strength Hangover Cure (Only if you are drunk)  a gain in Sacrifice Virtue
* This item is only needed sometimes.

zeefzorpul The Witch’s Apprentice quest start when you talk to Grizelda the Hag, who can be found in some old ruins out in the middle of the woods far south of Yew. Grizelda seems to have a problem keeping her apprentices alive, mainly because of a certain Imp named Zeefzorpul. Therefore she will ask you to go look for her last apprentice, who has gone missing.

To find the apprentice you will have to go to the road west of the ruins and follow it north towards the cemetery in Yew. Somewhere along the road you will come across the body of the apprentice and notice an Imp stealing a piece of paper from the corpse. Examine the corpse to find out that it is the missing apprentice and then return to Grizelda with the bad news.

Grizelda, now being an apprentice short, asks you to track down the Imp and get the recipe it stole from the apprentice back. The Imp, who is named Zeefzorpul, is a notorious troublemaker and very good at hiding when he’s in trouble, but Grizelda is sure that most other Imps will be able to tell you where he is, although you might have to beat it out of them.

You should then go find some Imps and start killing them, any Imps will do. After you’ve killed a few, one of them will talk to you and give you a map leading to Zeefzorpul’s hideout and a magic flute with the power to summon him. Look at the map and see if you can figure out which location it points to, if you can’t then try looking at this page.

Now go to the location the map shows and play the flute, this should make Zeefzorpul appear. He wont be too happy to see you of course, but he ends up giving you Grizelda’s recipe anyway and then he steals the flute from you, so you can’t disturb him again. You can then return to Grizelda and report your success.

Grizelda isn’t going to give you a reward just yet though, you will first have to complete the original apprentices job, which was to collect the items required for the recipe. The recipe will list three random items from the following list that you will need to find:

  • 5 Sheep Liver (kill 5 Sheep)
  • 5 Rabbit’s Foot (kill 5 Rabbits or Jack Rabbits)
  • 5 Mongbat Wing (kill 5 Mongbats)
  • 5 Chicken Gizzard (kill 5 Chickens)
  • 5 Rat Tail (kill 5 Rats or Sewer Rats)
  • 5 Frog’s Leg (kill 5 Bullfrogs)
  • 5 Deer Heart (kill 5 Hinds or Great Harts)
  • 5 Lizard Tongue (kill 5 Lizardmen or Lava Lizards)
  • 5 Slime Ooze (kill 5 Slimes or Frost Oozes)
  • 5 Spirit Essence (kill 5 Ghouls, Shades, Spectres, Wraiths or Shadow Fiends)
  • 5 Bones Buried In Hallowed Ground (use a shovel on a grave)
  • Swamp Water (use a pitcher on a swamp)
  • Freshly Cut Red Mushrooms (use a dagger or other sharp item on a red mushroom)
  • Star Chart (use a spyglass at night)
  • Captain Blackheart’s Whiskey (see below)

If one of the items is Captain Blackheart’s Whiskey, you will need to go to The Pirate’s Plunder Tavern in Buccaneer’s Den and talk to Captain Blackheart himself. The captain is not going to give just anybody a taste of his whiskey though, so you will have to prove yourself to him. First you will need to look like a pirate, that is easily done by wearing a Tricorne Hat. Next you will have to show that you can hold your liquor, so you will have to drink about 5 or more pitchers of alcohol and then talk to the captain again. Once he is convinced you are a proper pirate he will offer you some of his rare whiskey.

Once you have found all three items and brought them back to Grizelda, she will reward you with a bag containing about 2000 Gold Pieces, 30 of each Reagent, A Magic Item, A Treasure Map, A Cauldron and A Bottle of Magic Moonfire Brew. If one of the ingredients on the recipe was Captain Blackheart’s Whiskey, she will also give you a bottle of Grizelda’s Extra Strength Hangover Cure.

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