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It looks like a ghoul, it sounds like a ghoul, it fights like a ghoul, it has the same loot as a ghoul, it even has the same stats and skills as a ghoul

If I didn’t know any better I’d say that it was a Ghoul, but the name over it’s head says it a Bogle, so that’s what it is.

The Bogle only made a relatively short appearance in the game, from publish 16 and up to the release of Age of Shadows, at which point it just disappeared.


The Hellsteed is a result of the dark powers of a necromancers magic combined with the brute force of the hellish Nightmare.

Skilled necromancers who cast the Animate Dead spell on the corpse of a Nightmare, will summon one of these powerful steeds that have the ability to breathe chaos, which is an ability much like the firebreath of the Nightmare.