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Explosion Potion

explosion_potion A bright, purple liquid that will explode when thrown dealing Fire Damage to those in the area of effect. 

Required Skill: 35.0 Alchemy
Resources: 5 Sulfurous Ash (consumed), 1 Empty Bottle
Success Chance: 90% at 50.0 skill
Exceptional Chance: na
Affect: Will explode 3 seconds after activation, inflicting a base of 10 -20 points of Fire Damage to all enemies within a small area around the explosion. If an Alchemist triggers the explosion, damage will be increased by 1 point for every 5 points of Alchemy Skill. This is in addition to bonuses from wearing magic items with the Enhance Potions property.
Notes: When used, a timer begins and one must target the area for which to “throw” the potion.