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The original land mass of Sosaria. Prior to the Ultima Online Renaissance (UOR) release on May 4, 2000, this was the only land mass (map) to the world. It is comprised of Britannia and its islands, dungeons and hidden routes to the Lost Lands. For players who joined the game prior to Renaissance, roaming the land was dangerous. Known for “reds”, or Murderers, this land is open to non-consensual Player vs. Player (PvP) activity and has been from the very beginning.

It should be noted here that the Siege Perilous does not have Trammel facet. 

“With great risk, comes great reward!”

Resource Gathering

Gathering raw materials for crafting resources results in greater yeilds. Of course, be prepared to dodge bandits as well. By bandits we mean your fellow players…

Open PvP

PvP is open to all outside of the cities. Players will be flagged as aggressive when they attack a blue, and could be reported for murder. Killing a blue player will result in a Murder Count, Accumulating 5 murder counts will result in a Player turning red and will not be able to enter cities without being openly attacked by the NPC Guards. Further, red players cannot leave Felucca until their Murder Counts are decayed.


Factions ended with Publish 86 and the implementation of the Vice vs Virtue system. Player Factions were a result of Minax’s followers and those left behind when Lord British moved to Trammel started fighting among themselves . This allowed for battles and raids as they warred for control over Felucca. Guilds would decide to join one of the factions, or not at all. Players had to be part of a guild to join a faction.

The factions included:

  • True Britannians – supporters of Lord British who stayed in Felucca
  • Council of Mages – mages who believed Lord British abandoned them
  • Minax – supporters of the Enchantress
  • Shadowlords – those who felt Minax was worthless

Game Lore - Facets

The Shards, being broken pieces of the Gem of Immortality, contain multiple faces or faces. When the Wizard Mondain was slain, his apprentice, the Enchantress Minax, escaped the Avatar by using a powerful spell that transporter her to a different faet of the same shard. From here she planned her revenge, seeking a way to travel back to the original facet from whence she escaped and destroy both Lord British and the Avatar. She has found willing slaves in the creatures of the dark facet, which she calls Minaxia in her own honor.

She has unlocked the secret to traveling between shards, and has been using her willing followers to subject Lord British, and in fact all of Britnnia, to attacks by her monstrous minions. At length, she forced Lord British to use all his available resources and power to move his people and loyal followers to yet another facet of the shard, where the Virtues block Minax herself from attacking him directly. Unfortunately her minions can still make the journey into Lord British’s new home, but because the Virtues hold sway over the new lands, players will find themselves unable to harm each other by direct or indirect means.

From the Ultima Online Renaissance Playguide.

Game Lore - Factions

When Minax took over Lord British’s realm, she started a rift, both among her followers, and the followers of Lord British. Both sides split into two different groups, with different ideals, and war ensued among all four sides.

The rebellion began in Moonglow, where the Council of Mages decided that Lord British as no longer fit to rule Britannia. He’d not only failed to protect his lands from the invading hordes, many of his own people had abandoned him and fled to the side of darkness, taking post with one of the factions of evil.

British’s loyal followers tried to crush the rumors quickly that Moonglow was planning on seceding from the throne’s grasp, but this only furthered their cause, making those who died or were jailed martyrs for the cause of the mages. The Council of Mages now believes that what Britannia needs is a new leader, one who can not only lead Britannia against Minax, but who can also keep peace once it’s restored. To this end they have begun preparations to do something drastic; call forth the Avatar.

Though they’ve never had to do this themselves, they are the keepers of teh arcane knowledge, and they have prepared many notes and items which they will need in their quest to bring back the Stranger from another World. they oppose Minax, and Lord British, and a such are not safe from danger in either company.

Meanwhile, Minax has something of a rebellion herself occurring. Strangely enough, from within her own rank and file, there are those who are calling for the Shadow Lords to be released from the abyss to take their rightful place as the rulers of the dark land. While her minions are grateful to Minax for allowing them the opportunity to strike terror at Lord British, they fell she is only useful as a magical tool, and is not powerful enough to lead them against Lord British for an extended period of time. To this end they have begun preparations to do something drastic of their own; call for the Shadow Lords.

Her minions are now split amongst those who would follow her, and those who wish to see her dethroned. Infighting is the only thing thus far that is keeping Minax from working out a way to breach the virtue spell that protects Lord British ad his followers.

From the Ultima Online Renaissance Playguide.