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Earn Your First Million

Editor’s Note: Contributed via our Forums by Staff Alumnus Endal, this relevant guide is a great resource for brand new players. Good luck!

I haven’t really seen any guides for this in the past, so I thought I would write something out that has helped me get started from 0-1m gold in my first week on a new server (with zero help).

Echo’s Decos

Posted with permission from Miss Echo of Oceania

For those of you who know me, you will know I have a passion for building and deco, so I have decided to put up a few things I have done, or made, or found in my travels through Sosaria that I like.  Not all are my creation, and where I know the ‘originator’ I shall give credit. Some things I have seen have inspired me to amend them to ‘my way’ of doing a similar thing or tried to work a ‘better’ way of doing it to use less lockdowns, which all decorators know is the bane of life in UO!

I tend to do my stuff in a ‘whole of building’ approach from start to finish, to form some type of ‘theme’ for the whole house.

Elite Ninja

The Elite Ninjas are masters of the secret arts of Ninjitsu. They spend most of their time hidden in the shadows, so you will usually not know what hit you until it is too late.

In addition to their ability to appear from out of nowhere, they can also use all the other Ninjitsu abilities like Mirror Image, Animal Form, Backstab and Death Strike.

Unless they have already used all of their Smoke Bombs they will also make good use of those to hide in the middle of battle.

The Elite Ninjas also carry several different weapons into battle and they will switch between them if they feel the need.