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Gabriel Piete

Gabriel Piete is a well known minstrel, who travels around to perform in all the theaters in Britannia. Most of the time he can be found in the Conservatory of Music in Britain though. He can be found at Lord British’s Conservatory of Music located in the northwestern portion of Britain.

Gabriel is very often sought out by autograph hunters, sent by Elwood, and will agree to give you an autograph, just to get rid of you. 

Gargoyle Race

Ever since they played a central role in Ultima VI, Gargoyles have been considered a unique and compelling part of Ultima lore. Presented as community-minded and strongly principled, the Gargoyle race is powerful in both magic and combat, and is renowned for their superior craftsmanship, particularly with unusual materials.

In Ultima Online, the Gargoyles’ traditional lore will expand the player experience with new skills and talents including combat proficiency in throwing weapons, magical knowledge of the school of Mysticism, and the unsurpassed skill of Artificers that have mastered the art of Imbuing and unraveling magical items.


garlic Garlic is a readily available, common reagent found throughout Sosaria. Few kitchens in Britannia are without this humble allium.  Legends of its protective powers extend back through the mists of time, and in modern magical  practice it is used in spells which protect the caster or a target and ward off or dispel a danger or evil.  For purposes of magic, the bulb of the plant is washed, peeled and ground into a paste.

Gifts 2013

Gifts are considered Rares as they only come about during special occasions or holidays. Listed below are the Gifts bestowed during 2013 along with interesting tidbits and how the gifts were attained. Information has been collected from several sources, particularly the Stratics Community Forums and our older content pages.