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Hell Hound Leader

As the name implies they are the hounds commonly found in fiery dungeons. They have a Hit point based fireball. At full strength they do around 15 points of damage. Individually they are not too much of a problem, but unfortunately they are never alone. Hell Hounds spawn in groups of 5-8 and attack as a single group. Attacking one of the Hounds will make the entire pack attack you. In this sense they can be very dangerous, as a group of fighters can quickly be overwhelmed as each warrior is taken down individually.

The Hell Hound Leader is a stronger version of the normal Hell Hound, and can usually be found in the company of a pack of the normal kind. It requires a bit more taming to tame them and they will take up 2 control slots.

As of the release of the Age of Shadows expansion, the Hellhound Leader no longer spawns in the game, there are however a limited number still around in some players stables.


The Hellsteed is a result of the dark powers of a necromancers magic combined with the brute force of the hellish Nightmare.

Skilled necromancers who cast the Animate Dead spell on the corpse of a Nightmare, will summon one of these powerful steeds that have the ability to breathe chaos, which is an ability much like the firebreath of the Nightmare.