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Ilshenar is the third land mass of Sosaria, introduced with the Third Dawn expansion on March 27, 2001. The expansion was also called UO:3D as it introduced a 3D Client. It wasn’t until the release of the Blackthorn’s Revenge expansion that players could visit Ilshenar using the 2D Client. This is the only facet where runes cannot be marked, making any sort of magical travel into the facet impossible except by the Moongate system. Further, magical Gate Travel is not possible when leaving the facet. Housing is not allowed in Ilshenar, making it a facet of spawning creatures for quests, hunts and dungeons only.

Native to Ilshenar are two races, the Meer and the Juka. These are NPC races used in several story lines and scenarios. Gargoyles also live in Ilshenar, but are not native to the land mass.