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Savage Shaman

A kind of Savage that uses magic to attack. Each time a Savage Shaman is hit, she has a chance to initiate a tribal dance (best viewed in 3D). If she initiates the dance, she searches the area for other Savage Shamans. If she finds three or more Savage Shamans within a certain radius, the Shaman and all those near her begin to dance. When they finish the dance, the Savages cast a powerful group spell that can cause harm to players or even heal all savages near the casters (Chain lightning, Mass Poison or Mass Greater Heal).

Savage Warrior

NPCs with painted patterns all over their body, very aggressive in nature. Savages can swing a bola to dismount their opponent. They sometimes wear a hued tribal mask (29 different hues).

Tamers beware! Savages do an insane amount of damage against Daemons, Dragons, Nightmares and Wyrms (and possibly other large tameable monsters too).

If you cover your own body with savage kin paint the savages will not attack you. If you attack a savage while you are painted, the paint will burn off your body, doing about 50 points of damage.

Savages and Orcs will attack each other on sight, just as Ophidians and Terathans do. Savages sometimes wear an orc mask and are not attacked by orcs in that case.