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Gifts 2013

Gifts are considered Rares as they only come about during special occasions or holidays. Listed below are the Gifts bestowed during 2013 along with interesting tidbits and how the gifts were attained. Information has been collected from several sources, particularly the Stratics Community Forums and our older content pages.

16th Anniversary

Upon login, characters 30 days or older would receive a 16th Anniversary bag 16th Anniversary. All bags are the same hue.

Contained within the bag are the following items:

16th Anniversary16th AnniversaryHappy Sixteenth Anniversary Horse Statues which when double clicked presented a mount of a corresponding color to the statue which could be renamed, is automatically bonded. Once traded, the mount would have to rebond to the new owner in the standard fashion. Available in six (6) colors, the extremely rare orange 16th Anniversary or “fire” statue is highly desirable.

16th Anniversary 16th Anniversary Silver Serving Tray

16th Anniversary Staghorn Fern which can be redeeded

16th Anniversary Elephant Ear Dieffenbachia decorative plant

16th Anniversary A Handwritten Note From [UO Team Member] Personally Addressed To [Character Name]
“In Commermoration of Sixteen Wonderful Years! Thank You And Happy Anniversary!”

16th Anniversary Japanese Maple plants available in six (6) colors which can be turned using An Interior Decorator tool

16anniversary_10 16th AnniversaryDeeds for the Enormous Venus Flytrap which, when placed, acts as a disposal mechanism for unwanted items, similar to the Trash Barrel. Using the context menu of the flytrap, the option to Appraise for Cleanup appears which will tell a player the cleanup value of any item for the Clean Up Britannia system. When an item is placed within the flytrap, a message, “The item will be digested within three minutes.” will appear, and yes, the item within will indeed, be digested and destroyed. The flytrap can be manipulated the An Interior Decorator tool and re-deeded at any time by using an axe on it.


New this Halloween season are the pumpkins2013_02Carved Pumpkins which takes a bit of hunting to be able to make. Combat is involved in two areas:

  • Battle TheGrimm which appears in pumpkin patches to acquire the Carvable Pumpkin pumpkins2013_03
  • Battle The Butcher which appears in cemeteries to acquire the Jack O’Lantern Carving Kit pumpkins2013_04

pumpkins2013_01After acquiring both items, use the carving kit on a carvable pumpkin for one of 9 (nine) Carved Pumpkins. No skill is needed to do the carving, and Luck has no affect on the resulting carving. The rarer carvings are the “demon” and the “c’thulu” versions, so dubbed by the Community. Once carved, the tag, “Carved by [Character Name]” will appear as the description.

The carved pumpkin is a decorative item which can be locked down. When double clicked, the carved pumpkin will “glow and flicker” with an inner light, presumably a lit candle.

Added to the Trick or Treat list is a new item depicting zombified caricatures of UO Team members’ heads on spikes. When originally released, the heads were actually more human like, much to the distaste of several Community members. The more caricatured versions were applied after several days as the permanent artwork. When each spike is double-clicked, a sort of parchment version would appear showing the detail of the artwork.

Bleaks-Head-On-A-Spike-ItemBleak Brutrins-Head-On-A-Spike-ItemBrutrin Gryphons-Head-On-A-Spike-ItemGryphon Kyronixs-Head-On-A-Spike-ItemKyronix Mesannas-Head-On-A-Spike-ItemMesanna Misks-Head-On-A-Spike-ItemMisk
MrsTroubleMaker Onifrks-Head-On-A-Spike-ItemOnifrk Rakbans-Head-On-A-Spike-ItemRakban Stethun Thatbloks-Head-On-A-Spike-ItemThatblok

Detailed parchment versions of each head on a spike – click for larger view.

Speculation as to the success of gaining one of these head-on-a-spike centered around the Begging Skill. Others attributed a character’s Luck value as to the success. However, it was proven that characters with low Begging and low Luck could receive these items, although the chances of such are very slim.

The highly coveted “Mesanna’s Head on a Spike” garners very high prices on the open market.


xmas2013_02When players logged on, each of their characters received a Happy Holidays 2013 gift box xmas 2013 which was available in several hues ranging from the popular “Abysmal Black” to a “Neon Ice” variation as well as the standard colors from years past.

Items within the gift box include…

xmas2013_06 A Candle Tray that when double clicked, the candles would light up. The stripes come in varying shades.

xmas2013_04 A Lobster Dinner Prepared By [UO Team Member] that when double clicked a message would appear: “The succulent aroma of steamed lobster overwhelms your senses!” No other affect would be had.

xmas2013_05 A Scrolls of Alacrity Book that when locked down would store up to 300 Scrolls of Alacrity. Using the Secure command would render the book useless, it must be simply locked down.

xmas2013_03xmas2013_07A deed for a Claw Foot Tub was also included. When double clicked, players have the option of placing the item faced East or South. Characters can sit within the tub for a nice, warm bath after a hard day hunting in dank, dirty and dangerous dungeons. A clean character is a happy character! When the placed tub is double-clicked, the shower activates with animated falling water and the water within the tub seems to move over the sitting character. Using an axe on the tub will re-deed it.

Using the Furniture Dye Tub or a Natural Dye on the deed, the “spotted rug” variation of the Claw Foot tub can be made, depicting a polka-dotted rug under the tub instead of a solid gray version. The deed will retain the color for ease in viewing when in storage.