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Gifts 2014

Gifts are considered Rares as they only come about during special occasions or holidays. Listed below are the Gifts bestowed during 2014 along with interesting tidbits and how the gifts were attained. Information has been collected from several sources, particularly the Stratics Community Forums and our older content pages.


valentine 2014

Puppies and kittens which when set down would animate, and when double click would give a sound. Puppies do a sort of low growl which sounds very similar to the purring given by the kittens, Each animal has been “raised” by a member of the development team.

Popular on the trading market are puppies and kittens raised by Mesanna, Kyronix and MrsTroubleMaker. The more rare are the rottweiler puppy and the calico kitten.

A Puppy Raised By ____________

A Kitten Raised By ____________


Upon login, players received an Easter Basket easter basket

Within the Easter Basket stood an Easter Bunny wearing a colored vest easter bunny. Each Easter Bunny can be locked down as a decorative item, and all sport as having been raised in a specific city.

An Easter Bunny Raised In…

  • Britain
  • Bucaneer’s Den
  • Cove
  • Delucia
  • Jhelom
  • King Blackthorn’s Castle
    (rare and highly desirable)
  • Lakeshire
  • Luna
  • Minoc
  • Moonglow
  • New Haven
  • New Magincia
  • Nulel’m
  • Ocllo
  • Papua
  • Serpent’s Hold
  • Skara Brae
  • The Holy City
  • The Royal City
  • Trinsic
  • Umbra
  • Vesper
  • Wind
  • Yew
  • Zento

Each bunny, when double-clicked, would produce either a marshmallow duckling marshmallow duckling or on the rare occasion some chocolate covered jelly beans chocolate covered jellybeans which many have equated to being “poo”. The sweets are edible, and when enough are eaten, your character will complain of a toothache.

17th Anniversary

Ultima Online’s 17th Anniversary gift includes items meant for a tavern or bar. Upon login, characters received a specially hued bag 17th anniversary

Within the bag each of the follow bar pieces were found. They are all dyeable with Furniture Dye Tub, Pigments and Cleanup Dyes. Only the Sink item can be turned with the Interior Decorating Tool, but not raised. If placed upon a raised Goza, these items can be lowered resulting in interesting results. Stacking items atop the container piece is tricky, but possible.

17th anniversary A container, holding up to 125 items

17th anniversary To add water, fill from a Pitcher of Water.

17th anniversary Strictly a decoration piece.

Also within the bag is a “Bar” sign 17th anniversary which can be turned with the Interior Decorating Tool. When double clicked, it will “turn on” and blink.

Players would also get “An Ornately Embroidered Hand Towel” with various NPC character names. There was an extremely rare chance for the actual Character’s name to appear.  This item is blessed.

And finally, 17th anniversary “A Personally Engraved Broadsword From [UO Team Member] To [Character Name]”. The second description line would read, “In Commemoration of Seventeen Amazing Years! Thank You and Happy Anniversary!” It is a blessed broadsword weighing 6 stones. It can be worn, and apparently used, but there are no specifications or stats associated with the item.

Highly prized are any towels or swords bearing Mesanna’s name.


Besides the Treasures of Doom Halloween event, three new items were added to the existing Trick or Treating list. They are decorative items with no special properties or effects. Skill held no bearing on their appearance, although a Character’s Luck may have had some affect.

Obsidian Skull Obsidian Skull

Crystal Skull Crystal Skull

Jade Skull Jade Skull

The Grimm appeared in pumpkin patches throughout the land, as did an increase of the undead in various cemeteries being lead by The Butchers.


The Holiday gifts include Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The Potted Coffee Plant was added to the Horn of Plenty as a semi-rare gift. It displays in two states:

potted coffee plant growing Growth state

potted coffee plant harvest Ready to harvest state

When harvested, coffee “pods” coffee podswould appear in the character’s pack. These pods would then be used with two of the Christmas Gifts:

Grinder Grinder – double click to target pods to create Coffee Grounds coffee grounds and perhaps other items which are harvested from plants.

steam powered beverage maker Steam Powered Beverage Maker – used with the Cooking Skill and Coffee Grounds to create consumable coffee and other hot beverages.

Other Christmas gifts included three new fireplaces in deeded form. After placement, double-clicking the center section of the fireplace would light or extinguish the fire.

green marble fireplace gold marble fireplace blue marble fireplace

As expressed by Community members, it is very hard to place items atop the mantle. First the item to display would have to be place, locked and raised. Then the fireplace positioned, then the display item lowered into final position.

christmas2014_06And finally, a new scroll book just for Power Scrolls. It can hold up to 300 Power Scrolls, up to 99 of any specific type. This book, similar to the other Scrolls books, needs to be locked down in a building to add or remove its content.