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Gifts 2015

Gifts are considered Rares as they only come about during special occasions or holidays. Listed below are the Gifts bestowed during 2015 along with interesting tidbits and how the gifts were attained. Information has been collected from several sources, particularly the Stratics Community Forums.


Rather than having the gifts appear in a player’s pack, if a player so chose to, a hunt for Cupid was in store. As announced by Mesanna in an update announced on February 4th, a “Red Cupid” wold appear somewhere in the “City of Compassion”. Players had to find this Cupid to claim the gift. Cupid’s location, although within the city’s limits, would be in different places on each shard.

red cupidAfter a bit of a display issue and a quick patch to fix, the Cupids appeared and players started getting their gifts on February 5th. There was no account limit, and each character on an account could receive the gift. There was no age requirement, so newly created characters could also claim the gift.

Valentines 2015Players received a red hued picnic basket labeled “Valentine’s Day Picnic Basket” containing bread, cheese wedges, grapes, the “Valentine Bacon”, am un-named rose using the classic ginseng artwork and new artwork of a champagne bottle with two flutes which are animated.



On April 02, 2015, the Easter Gift was announced by Mesanna in an update regarding Publish 89.1. It was announced that there would be “… 2 rares hues and 16 other hues …” resulting in 18 different colors for the gift. As of this post, the 18th color is yet to be discovered. Speculation ensued as to what the gift would be. The first shard to proclaim access to the “Easter Squirrel” was the Atlantic Shard, and images of the new Potted Plants showed up on the Stratics Forums.


Much discussion ensued as to the type of plants represented. One plant, the orchid, was the obvious and the generally accepted consensus of the Community. It is an excellent representation of Spring for the Asian Culture, as orchids start to flower and bloom as the weather warms.

The second plant received much debate. The majority of people claimed the plant to be a hibiscus, rhododendron, hydrangea or a sort of topiary; posting pictures of similar real-world examples to the in-game rendering. It was soon discovered to be the “Crown of Thorns” plant, which is associated with the Crucifixion of Christ – a fitting Easter plant for Western culture.

Users with the Enhanced Client can see the hue number, as well as other information regarding an item – such as the “orchid” and “Crown of Thorns” item names which are not view-able in the Classic Client. It was with the help of this EC feature that the plant hues were discovered and discussed (see forum thread here).

Obtaining the Gift

2015eastersquirrelIn the Trammel City of Britain, a “… pretty pink squirrel …” statue appeared near the West Britain Bank. The statues were set to expire after 1 week. By double-clicking on the statue, players would receive a “Potted Plant”. One gift was allowed per character, which resulted in thousands of Potted Plants being generated across all shards with cross-shard trading while players worked to complete their sets.

Potted Plants

The two plants were chosen to suit both Asian and Western cultures.

2015 orchid

Modeled after the Phalaenopsis orchid genus. Commonly called the “Moth Orchid”, it is characterized by petals that look like a moth in flight. It is considered the most popular type of orchid.

2015 crown of thorns
crownofthorns_2015aCrown of Thorns

Modeled after the Euphorbia milii which is a small, flowering succulent native to Madagascar. Commonly called “Christ Plant” or “Crown of Thorns”.

Plant Hues
Image used with permission from Forum User Tina Small. Click for a larger view. It has been generally accepted by the Community that plants of hues 1200 and 1287 are the “2 rare hues”. Also generally accepted by the Community is that the missing hue does not exist in the game. Stratics volunteers are still scouring all shards for the mystery hue.

Older Easter Items

The Golden Easter Goose once again laid a single egg.