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Ilshenar is the third land mass of Sosaria, introduced with the Third Dawn expansion on March 27, 2001. The expansion was also called UO:3D as it introduced a 3D Client. It wasn’t until the release of the Blackthorn’s Revenge expansion that players could visit Ilshenar using the 2D Client. This is the only facet where runes cannot be marked, making any sort of magical travel into the facet impossible except by the Moongate system. Further, magical Gate Travel is not possible when leaving the facet. Housing is not allowed in Ilshenar, making it a facet of spawning creatures for quests, hunts and dungeons only.

Native to Ilshenar are two races, the Meer and the Juka. These are NPC races used in several story lines and scenarios. Gargoyles also live in Ilshenar, but are not native to the land mass.


All creatures within Ilshenar have a chance to spawn as a Paragon. These creatures are more powerful than their normal cousins, and appear in a golden hue. When killed, Paragons have better loot than their cousins:

  • Standard loot increased
  • Chance of Minor Artifact items to drop in backpack
  • Creatures who would normally drop maps have a chance to produce a locked Paragon Chest of varying colors


Champion Spawns

The first Champion Spawn was discovered in Ilshenar purely by accident. Champ spawns in Ilshenar do not drop Power Scrolls.

Game Lore - Discovery

The Shattering

We return to the time when Mondain ruled the world. He was the unchallenged master of Sosaria until the Stranger arrived and ended Mondain’s reign forever. Even the smallest of children know this story and know that the times which followed that glorious day, until the recent troubles in our land, have been prosperous and wonderful times of discovery, knowledge, and most of all peace. Ilshenar did not share our happy fate. The day the Stranger defeated Mondain is known as the “shattering”. It is a day marked by death and disaster. On that day all was not made right, all was undone. The whole of the world changed. This is a small part from a book found in Ilshenar called “All That Remains”. At this time I do not know if this was a true account or if it is a fictional account, but it gives the best feeling of what happened that I have yet to find.

“The world now fallen. All torn and undone until it is remade whole again but different. Where I was is no longer where I am yet I have not moved a step. Fate has swallowed the world and spat it out, gnawed, ruined, changed. We are lost in our own land.”

It would seem that their entire world was transformed into a something that does not resemble our world at all. One can only imagine the terror this would have caused in those who were still alive. From the first day after, stories began to sprout like weeds. I found this passage on a scroll that was brought back from the first expedition.

“It is all clear. The Anorlor have finally cleansed our world of its corruption and Mondain is fallen. Mistas is restored.”

As I spoke of earlier Orlor is the word for Wisp. Anorlor would seem to be a “dark wisp”. Mistas, which is used very often, seems to be the word for Balance. This author, it would seem, thought these “dark wisps” had been responsible. Possibly thinking they had cast Armageddon as Zog had done eons ago. This particular thought is set my hair on end. Thinking back to the Followers of the Armageddon and their “obsidian wisps”.

Another author wrote:

“All is for nothing. Mondain is Anilem.”

It took some time to figure out what “Anilem” was. The best we can decipher is that it means “he who destroys”. This would make sense if this author had thought Mondain responsible for the destruction of their world. Which in a crooked sort of manner he was.

This last excerpt is taken from a book found in a large temple in the northwest section of the world. The temple is known as Terort Skitas. This translates directly to Temple of Knowledge. This one line seems to translate closely to what we know to be our history.

“Avenlem est Anilem. Mondain est korp-kat. Sosaria est bal-kans”


“Lost-one is Destroyer. Mondain is fallen death. Sosaria is doom consumed.”

This was not simple to decipher. The “Lost-one” literally translates to “not found one” This would seem to imply the author may have meant the Stranger had destroyed Mondain and thus destroyed their world. This is open to interpretation.

By all accounts the Sosaria of Ilshenar was far from what it had been before Mondain fell.

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