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Brought to Sosaria via the Age of Shadows expansion on February 11, 2003; Malas is the fourth land mass, and the second to provide additional housing space. There are two main cities, Umbra and Luna. Each city is modeled after one of the two new Player Classes introduced with this expansion; Necromancers and Paladins, respectfully. Luna, with exclusive housing within its city walls, quickly became the most populated city of each shard, as well as the de facto area of commerce within the game.

Dungeon Doom

The largest and most dangerous dungeon in the game until the introduction of the Stygian Abyss. Doom contains several creatures not seen anywhere else in the game, many puzzles, steal-able artifacts, and bosses that challenge even the most skilled groups. There is also a “secret” area that was introduced during the 2015 Halloween season and the Treasures of Doom event, hinting to more mysterious aspects of the dungeon.


Introduced with Mondain’s legacy, this area gives us Minotaurs, the Peerless Meraktus the Tormented, and other named monsters.