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Mandrake Root

mandrake_root Mandrake Root is considered common in the dimmest groves of the dankest swamps. Once found, great care must be taken in uprooting it in order to keep the taproot intact, for the taproot is its locus of power. The exposed root is then carefully boiled and dried. Mandrake is used in spells involving strength, power and energy.


  • First Circle: Create Food
  • Second Circle: Agility, Cunning, and Strength
  • Third Circle: Bless, Telekinesis, and Teleport
  • Fourth Circle: Arch Cure, Arch Protection, Greater Heal, Lightening, Mana Drain, and Recall
  • Fifth Circle: Blade Spirits, Magic Reflection, Mind Blast, Paralyze, and Summon Creature
  • Sixth Circle: Dispel, Explosion, Mark, and Mass Curse
  • Seventh Circle: Chain Lightening, Energy Field, Gate Travel, Mana Vampire, Mass Dispel, Meteor Swarm, and Polymorph
  • Eighth Circle: Earthquake, Energy Vortex, Summon Daemon, and all Summon Elemental spells.