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nightshade Nightshade is a common, but deadly plant of the swamps. Named thus for its strange, waxen flowers, which only bloom at night. It should be carefully handled and prepared, for it is poisonous to the touch. For magical preparations, it is either crushed or brewed into a tea. As a reagent, nightshade focuses the powers of death, damage, poison and illusion.


  • First Circle: Clumsy, Feeblemind and Weaken
  • Second Circle: Cunning, Harm, and Strength
  • Third Circle: Poison
  • Fourth Circle: Curse
  • Fifth Circle: Blade Spirits, Incognito, Mind Blast, and Poison Field
  • Sixth Circle: Energy Bolt, Invisibility, and Mass Curse
  • Eighth Circle: Energy Vortex


The base of many poisons, this plant is used in the most commonly found concoctions of Britannia.