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Nox-Thief Guide

Editor’s Note: Originally penned by Taylor (past owner of Stratics) in the Forum. It has been moved here for permanent placement. Thank you Taylor! Although Taylor has shared his template and resources, every player does things a little different. This is by no means a “hard rule template”. Enjoy!

Throughout my years as an Ultima Online player, no character was so thrilling for me to play than a PvP thief. The template requires strategy, quick judgement, and lots of practice. It’s a high risk, high rewards play style.

Beyond the enjoyment of playing a thief, I also enjoyed writing stories about it. You can read some of my stories on UOTHIEF: The Tales of Locke Smythe.

The guide below contains information for re-creating my thief, Locke Smythe, including:

  1. Template
  2. Skills
  3. Suit
  4. Macros
  5. Strategy
  6. Affiliation

Best of luck and happy stealing!

I. Template

115 Fencing
115 Ninjitsu
110 Stealing (80 real)
100 Hiding
100 Snooping (90 real)
95 Magery
80 Stealth (40 real)
80 Poisoning

II. Skills

A) Magery

I initially tried chivalry, but eventually dropped it for magery for the following reasons. First, magery allows a thief to near insta-heal/cure with only 2/6 (as opposed to 4/6 with chiv). Second, the teleport and invisibility spells are lifesavers, as you can cast them while visible and/or aggro’d. Third, if you stumble across a bot on a track, you can mark a rune to return later. Fourth, you can cast gate travel for team stealing. Lastly, although the incognito/polymorph spells aren’t especially useful, they can be fun sometimes. :)

B) Ninjitsu

Ninjitsu is indispensable, for several reasons:

  1. Shadowjump. The number one thief killer, in my mind, is passive reveal. If you stealth up to an elf, you have an over 50% chance to be passive revealed, and your outlook’s not too bright against humans and gargoyles, either. As soon as you’re revealed, you can expect an “all kill.” However, with shadowjump, you never need risk passive reveal: just shadowjump next to your target. Also, shadowjumping doesn’t count as movement, so it won’t close the packs you’ve snooped. Once you get the hang of it, you can shadow jump to every player at a champ, open all their packs, and sit back and watch for the best scroll. Shadow jump is also a way to avoid being hit/revealed by earthquake/meteor strike, as shadowjump casts much faster than those two spells.
  2. Wolf form. Besides giving you increased movement speed, wolf form gives you +20 hp. As soon as you make a steal, hit wolf form and run for it. Once you’re in the clear, just hide and stealth away at mounted speed. Unless I get trapped in paralyze fields, I’m never, ever killed in wolf form.
  3. Shurikens. Kill bots and supposed “PvPers” who like to shoot arrows at people from within the safety of their houses.
  4. Smoke bombs. If someone is flagging you, you cannot hide without them.
  5. Death strike. The further they run, the quicker they die.

III. Suit

My suit included: Burglar’s Bandana, Pendant of the Magi, Shadow Dancer Leggings, Quiver of Infinity, Totem of the Void, Ornament of the Magician, Cloak of Silence, and an imbued ring (15 hci, 3 fcr, 20 lrc, 15 fire, 7 cold), as well as custom gloves, arms, and tunic.

When I would cast gate travel, I’d throw on the Conjurer’s Grimoire to bring me to 110 magery. When I was killing a bot, I’d replace my totem of the void with the Conjurer’s Trinket to increase my damage and HCI. The suit was surprisingly easy to piece together (on Europa, no less) and had 100 lrc, 2/6, 30 lmc, and all 60s.

IV. Macros

F2-G. Heal
F6-Wolf Form (UOA macro)
F7-Mirror Image
F9-Last object
F10-Use Item (Dagger) (UOA macro)
F11-Steal + Last Target

V. Strategy

Open your mark’s paperdoll and double-click their backpack. Shadowjump beside them and hit your “Last Object” macro, which will open their pack.

If you see an item you want, hit your use item macro, which will bring up a cursor. I use a dagger for this, you can use anything that will bring up a cursor (snow pile, arms lore skill, etc.) Target the item you want.

Hit your steal – last target macro. There will be a brief pause, you’ll become visible, and the item will be placed in your backpack.

As soon as the item is in your pack, hit your wolf form macro and run. Run behind some houses or something and hide. From your hiding spot, shadowjump and stealth away.

That’s how I did it, anyway.

VI. Affiliation

As far as a thief guild . . . there’s no better community than THIEF, in my view. Look here: http://www.uothief.com.