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Orc Race

Although not included as part of the Character Creation process, many Players have opted to “role play” the Orcish race.  By utilizing items from within the game, Players would “dress up” enough to portray an Orc. Creating a sort of language, acting as orcish as possible, and even immitating their “more dummer urks” that existed within Sosaria, this “non-player-race” became a very interesting twist to in the game.

From the earliest inception of the game, several Player Guilds formed strictly to role play Orc Clans. Their activity consisted mainly of raiding other Player Groups. Soon after the “discovery” of Trammel and a split of all shards, the great Orc Clans started to dwindle and disappear.

In creating an Orc character, most players choose the Human Race, and build skills that most suite an Orc, namely Mace (Bashing) weapons, Lumberjacking, Healing and Anatomy. Some will develop Magic Resist along with some Magery. Almost always is Ringmail used for fighter classes, and Studded Leather for magic weilders. Required is to wear an Orc Kin Mask or the Orc Helm, which gives a player orcish facial features. You will just about never see an Orc-RPer riding a horse, as in Sosaria horse meat is considered a delicacy by the Orcs. Some Orc-RPers have adopted the dog-like Cu Sidh as a “worg”.

Classic Client Samples

Using the Evil Orc Helm
Evil Orc Helm Fem CC


Popular with Miners, the Orc Kin Mask.
 Female Orc CC

Enhanced Client Samples

It is possible in the Enhanced Client to create a Human Character with an Orc face.
orc, male,


Here is the Enhanced Client version of the Orc Kin Mask.
Female Orc CC

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