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Parasitic Poison Potion

parasitic_potion A dark green liquid most commonly used to taint weapons with Infectious Strike or Serpent Arrow special moves. 

Required Skill: 65.0
Resources: 5 Parasitic Plant (consumed), 1 Empty Bottle
Success Chance: 70% at 100.0 skill
Exceptional Chance: na
Affect: Causes the victim to lose 25% – 35% of his current hit points (minimum 16hp) every 5 seconds until the poison wears off after doing damage 12 times, or is cured. Will also heal the wielder of the tainted weapon if the Infectious Strike or Serpent Arrow special moves are used and so long as the wielder stays within 1-tile of the victim. For this feature, it is used most often on Dagger and Kryss weapons.
Notes: To make this potion, one must first learn the recipe from the Elves of Heartwood. Can also be acquired randomly from a Barrel Sponge. Is a key ingredient to create a Vial of Vitriol. Cannot be put into kegs.