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Potion Keg

potion_keg Holds liquid Potions created by Alchemists. Can store up to 100 of a single type of potion. To add a potion, simply drop a filled potion bottle onto the keg. To remove a single potion, must have an Empty Bottle in your pack, then double click the keg.

Used by: Alchemists

Created by: Tinkerers

Skill Required: 75.0 Tinkering
Success chance: ?
Exceptional chance: ?
Resources: 1 Barrel Lid, 1 Barrel Tap, 10 Empty Bottle, 1 Keg
Final weight:  20 stone (empty), 100 stone (full)
Other notes: Can be dyed with the Furniture Dye Tub to make it easier to identify what is in the keg.