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The product of Alchemy as created by an Alchemist. Can also be purchased from NPCs and found on various monsters throughout the realms. 

Sometimes called “pot” for short, these single-use items are used in many ways. Potions are stored in Empty Bottles or Potion Kegs. When an empty bottle is filled with a potion, it takes on the color of that potion and can be stacked with other potions of the same kind. Potion kegs hold the equivalent of 100 potion bottles and can be locked down in a house for future dispensing. Gardeners use specific potions to help raise plants.

Potions are created via the Alchemy gump. When a Mortar and Pestal is used, this gump will appear:

When a potion is used, its affects will be enhanced if the user is wearing magic items with the Enhance Potions property.

This page lists all Potions craftable with the Alchemy Skill.