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Savage Shaman

A kind of Savage that uses magic to attack. Each time a Savage Shaman is hit, she has a chance to initiate a tribal dance (best viewed in 3D). If she initiates the dance, she searches the area for other Savage Shamans. If she finds three or more Savage Shamans within a certain radius, the Shaman and all those near her begin to dance. When they finish the dance, the Savages cast a powerful group spell that can cause harm to players or even heal all savages near the casters (Chain lightning, Mass Poison or Mass Greater Heal).

Savage Shaman in the Classic Client    Savage Shaman in the Enhanced Client


Special Abilities:  Kills large pets very fast.
Dances tribal dance.
Loot:  125 – 175 Gold. Bone Arms, Bone Legs, Deer Mask, 10-15 Reagents
Carved: 1 Raw Rib
Special: Tribal Berry
Found At:  Delucia Orc Fort, Lizardman Fort, Savage Camp, Savage Village
Related To:  Savage Rider, Savage Warrior – Female, Savage Warrior- Male
First Seen:  Scenario 1, The Savage Empire, May 2001
Damage:  4 – 10 HP, 100% Physical Damage
Loyalty:  Not Given
Fame:  Level 1 (1000) Karma:  Level 1 (-1000)
Magic Level:  None Poison Level:  None
Slayer Weapon Vulnerability:  Repond Slayer Ranged Attack:  None
Required Taming:  – Speed:  Fast
Pack Instincts:  None Auto Dispel:  No
Preferred Foods:  Fish Barding Difficulty:  88.9
Taming Notes:  Not Tameable Barding Notes:  –
Credits:  –


Class DR Comments
Archer:  6
Bard:  6
Mage:  6
Tamer:  6  Beware! Do not use Dragons, Wyrms or Nightmares on these.
Warrior:  6


 10 readings Hit Points Stamina Mana STR DEX INT
Minimum:  126  91  161  126  91  161
Average:  136  101  173  136  101  173
Maximum:  145  110  185  145  110  185


 10 readings Physical Fire Cold Poison Energy
Minimum:  30  20  20  20  40
Average:  35  25  25  25  45
Maximum:  40  30  30  30  50


10 text readings Wrestling Tactics Magic Resist Anatomy Poison Heal Magery Eval. Int. Meditate
Min:  62.5  62.5  77.5  0.0  –  –  72.5  77.5  77.5
Avg:  73.8  73.8  88.8  0.0  –  –  83.8  88.8  88.8
Max:  85.0  85.0  100.0  0.0  –  –  95.0  100.0  100.0

Best Equipment

Best weapon material against this creature:  Bronze
Most important damage type against this creature:  Fire
Most important elemental resistance against this creature:  Physical


Paragon Values

Coming Soon!


Hit Points Stamina Mana Strength Dexterity Intelligence
xx – xx xx – xx xx xx – xx xx – xx xx – xx


Wrestling Tactics Resist Anatomy Poisoning Magery Eval. Int. Meditation
xx – xx xx – xx xx – xx xx


Damage Fame Karma Poison Level Bard Difficulty Treasure Level Artifact Chance
xx – xx xxx xxx xx x in xxx