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Spider Silk

spiders_silk Spider Silk is one of the few basic Reagents that occur naturally on a creature type, the Arachnid. Because of this, at least one ounce of it is required for a simple spell.  The spider’s silk concentrates the power to summon, conjure and bind.


  • First Circle: Heal, Nightsight, and Reactive Armor
  • Second Circle: Harm and Magic Trap
  • Fourth Circle: Fire Field, Greater Heal, and Mana Drain
  • Fifth Circle: Dispel Field, Magic Reflection, Paralyze, Poison Field, and Summon Creature
  • Sixth Circle: Paralyze Field
  • Seventh Circle: Energy Field, Flamestrike, Mana Vampire, Meteor Swarm, and Polymorph
  • Eighth Circle: Summon Daemon and all versions of Summon Elemental