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Sulfurous Ash

sulfurous_ash Sulfurous Ash is a pungent, common Reagent found most readily around any volcanic disturbances. It is used greatly in spells which create explosions, fire or light.


  • First Circle: Magic Arrow, Nightsight and Reactive Armor
  • Second Circle: Magic Trap and Untrap, and Protection
  • Third Circle: Magic Lock, and Magic Unlock
  • Fourth Circle: Arch Protection, Curse, Fire Field, and Lightening
  • Fifth Circle: Dispel Field and Mind Blast
  • Sixth Circle: Dispel, Mass Curse, and Reveal
  • Seventh Circle: Chain Lightening, Energy Field, Flamestrike, Gate Travel, Mass Dispel, and Meteor Swarm
  • Eighth Circle: Earthquake, Summon Daemon, and Summon Fire Elemental


As an alchemical agent, this reagent produces an explosive compound used widely in potions of that type.