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Construction of a Canopy by Jarod of Europa

The Editor wants to note that the process detailed here for stacking items was in use prior to the availability of the Decoration Tool. This lost art of “stacking” is still in use today by many Veteran players.

The canopy looks best on a sandstone patio I think, but since I didn’t have one available, I use a small tower for the demonstration. These instructions can be used to build a canopy of any size, and can also help with building a rooftop shed.

Large Waterfall

Written by Kiral, editing by Jared of Europa

Large Waterfalls or Making Stacks Spanning Several Floors

Rather than just the quick and dirty specific how-to, I’ll throw in a little concept stuff because this can be applied to all houses with balconies: villas, marble patios, sandstones…

You’re right there is a height limit, which is 17 as Waylander says. However, the implicit assumption is that you can’t stack higher than 17 above the floor, when in fact in my experience, you can’t stack higher than 17 above you. In other words, if you can change your height above the floor, you can stack higher than 17 above the floor.

Sosarian Decorators

From all across the Shards, Sosarians have submitted their decorating tidbits and ideas. We’ve put them into classifications for ease of viewing, and provided links (where available) to the creators’ sites. We appreciate the creativity presented here, and would like to offer anyone else within the realms to send us pictures of your unique designs. Post in this thread to share your ideas, and maybe it will be kept here for all eternity!