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It looks like a ghoul, it sounds like a ghoul, it fights like a ghoul, it has the same loot as a ghoul, it even has the same stats and skills as a ghoul

If I didn’t know any better I’d say that it was a Ghoul, but the name over it’s head says it a Bogle, so that’s what it is.

The Bogle only made a relatively short appearance in the game, from publish 16 and up to the release of Age of Shadows, at which point it just disappeared.

Dark Steed

Currently extinct creatures that were introduced with the Good/Evil system for Siege Perilous. For a short while these animals also spawned on regular shards.

Evil aligned, very strong horses. They will attack all Good beings and monsters on sight. Their preferred method of attack is magic, their fireballs can do 30 damage per hit. Stat and skillwise they fall in the same category as the Nightmare.

Dark Wolf

The Dark Wolf is the Evil cousin of the Dire Wolf. Like the Dire Wolf, the Dark Wolf likes to attack Good or innocent creatures. Oddly enough the Dire Wolf highlights red and the Dark Wolf highlights grey. The Dark Wolf is about as strong and tough as a Dire Wolf.

The Dark Wolf is also a familiar summon for Necromancers. Necromancers of  skill (60 Necromancy/60 Spirit Speak) can summon these fierce wolves to do their bidding.The Dark Wolf Familiar will attack the foes that its master attacks, and as an extra bonus it will allow its master to tame any wolf he meets in his travels.