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Colored (Rainbow) Horde Daemon

Similar to the Large Horde Daemon, this creature is almost never seen unless summoned by a god (Event Moderator or Game Master). Sometimes given strange names (Not a Pig, Rainbow Brite, Demon of Another Color) when they appear, for the most part these creatures are used to torment the citizens of Sosaria. If seen, run the other way, for they are very hard to kill. However, the rewards of slaying one of these is said to be immense.

Large Horde Daemon

Very similar to the Necromancer’s summoned Horde Minion, but much larger. Taller and larger than Orc Brutes, these demons appear only when summoned by the gods (Event Moderators or Game Masters). Periodically they will appear on Test Center to clean up items left on the ground.

Other than mentioned above, this creature does not appear in the game.