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Ter Mur

Ter Mur, Gargish for “world”, is the most recent fact. Intruduced with the Stygian Abyss expansion on September 8, 2009, the newest land mass to Sosaria is home of the Gargoyles. Beautiful and dangerous, Ter Mur is plagued by creatures from The Void, unrest in the population, and dwindling resources. The land mass offers housing to players who reach a certain level of loyalty with the Gargish Queen.

A new shrine, the Shrine of Singularity, offers a different view of what some believe to be a new Virtue being introduced to the game. It correlates with items found in the Stygian Abyss.

Tomb of Kings

Located in a cave, the tombs are occupied by gargish undead and other sprits. During the night, they tend to roam outside, terrorizing the citizens of the nearby Holy City. If one is worthy, passage can be found to the Stygian Abyss.


The entrance is actually found on Fire Island. By passing through this dungeon, then all the way through the Stygian Abyss, one would pass into Ter Mur without use of the Moongates. This makes people question, is Ter Mur a new facet, or has it been a part of the original Sosaria all along?

Stygian Abyss

The largest and most challenging dungeon found in Ultima Online. To hunt all of the bosses would take an experienced group of 5 players all day and well into the night to complete. Consists of several encampments of lesser creatures that, when killed, will eventually spawn a boss of their type. There are also Renown Champions that spawn. The Abyss is home of the Slasher of Veils, Medussa, the Stygian Dragon, Abyssal Infernal and the Primeval Lich.