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Tokuno is the fifth land mass facet and the third to bring additional housing to Sosaria. Introduced with the Samurai Empire expansion on November 2, 2004. The Trammel ruleset of no consensual PvP is applied here, luring many to this Asian influenced facet to place vendors around the single, walled city of Zento. Several new monsters were also introduced that live only in Tokuno, inspired by Asian lore and pop culture.

The Citadel

Home of the Peerless, Travesty. A dungeon full of secrets and dangers mired in the lore of The Black Order. You will need to complete the Black Order Badges quest or the Evidence quest to enter.

Treasures of Tokuno

Special event periods when minor artifacts dropped in directly into the backpacks of players who hunt in Tokuno. The minor artifacts can be turned in to a special NPC in Zento for a major artifact.