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The second land mass of Sosaria. created for the Ultima Online Renaissance (UOR) release on May 4, 2000. It is comprised of the main continent of Britannia and its islands, dungeons and hidden routes to the Lost Lands. Trammel is a mirror image of the original land mass which came to be known as Felucca, allowing for double the housing area allowed in the game. The ruleset for Trammel is such that all PvP must be consensual by participating in Guild Warring or Vice vs Virtue systems. Players cannot attack a random player in any facet but Felucca.

It should be noted here that the Siege Perilous does not have the Trammel facet.

Game Lore - Facets

The Shards, being broken pieces of the Gem of Immortality, contain multiple faces or faces. When the Wizard Mondain was slain, his apprentice, the Enchantress Minax, escaped the Avatar by using a powerful spell that transporter her to a different faet of the same shard. From here she planned her revenge, seeking a way to travel back to the original facet from whence she escaped and destroy both Lord British and the Avatar. She has found willing slaves in the creatures of the dark facet, which she calls Minaxia in her own honor.

She has unlocked the secret to traveling between shards, and has been using her willing followers to subject Lord British, and in fact all of Britnnia, to attacks by her monstrous minions. At length, she forced Lord British to use all his available resources and power to move his people and loyal followers to yet another facet of the shard, where the Virtues block Minax herself from attacking him directly. Unfortunately her minions can still make the journey into Lord British’s new home, but because the Virtues hold sway over the new lands, players will find themselves unable to harm each other by direct or indirect means.

From the Ultima Online Renaissance Playguide.