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April Showers Bring May Flowers and More

The Ghost of Isadora Steward called a gathering in the old town this evening to announce the new design of the community garden. She had a hard time staying focused fading in and out as spirits do. She was most excited about the new flowers that have sprouted named after the citizens that gathered changeling seeds during the Sage Advice Quest a few months back. Before whisking us off to view natures glory she warned that during the garden change some things sadly disappeared. The giant whimsical mushrooms died, the pixies flew away and all the snow melted but that was not all !

A Fiery Ally Pt.1

Entering the hall Vyxen looked for her friends. Seeing her, Tamais waved her over. Sitting down, “Any word of Minax or the Fiery Lady,” she asked?

“No,” replied Lady Thalia, “But the Royal Spies are searching.”

When Evidias entered the room, hopefull yet worried eyes turned her way.

“Greetings everyone, thank you for coming at such short notice.”