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Pirates, Thieves and PvP; A Felucca Adventure

Last time we followed the kidnappers to fel to find the Blacksmith Burke, but he managed to escape.

Tonight we gathered in Luna once again to meet Bordas and hopefully find the Blacksmith Burke and apprehend him once and for all. He informed us that he had sent scouts to search for him and they had tracked him to a near-by town in Felucca.



Once we stepped through the gate into Fel, we were met by brigands and pirates. Fighting our way through the mobs to the town proper, we finally found the Blacksmith Burke hiding underneath the city in the underground tunnels.

But it seems there was a bit of confusion…Burke claimed that Bordas was actually the Blacksmith and he was being framed!


It seems as though the investigation is once again at a stand-still until we can figure out what is really going on. The two individuals will be held in the cell beneath the city while they await their Trial sometime next month.