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Sapphire Eye of the Dungeon Doom Pt.2

Demoss , first to encounted the Grimswind Lich Cultist, shouting “For Britannia” leaded the attack. Warriors and Dragons joined. While mages cast spells of fire and energy. Some casting spells to heal. Slowly we fought our way into the Lich Lord Taril’s tomb. The overwhelming stench churning our stomachs.

death agian


We watched as the tomb opened and Taril slowly rose from it. “Why do you disturb my sleep?” Looking around he saw the floor littered with his followers. “You killed my followers. what harm did they do you?”

lich lord

Again Demoss took the lead. “We came in peace, but they attacked us.” Putting a cloth to his nose, he continued. “The Black Dragon sent us.”

“Yes, to make you honor your bargain.” Dark Syde added.

Lich Lord Taril thought, trying to remember. The he laughed chilling us to our bones. ” Ah, one with the Black Dragon. Fools, why should I pay when he didn’t succeed to my satisfaction.”

the bargin

“That doesn’t concern us.” Demoss answered. “We are here to collect the debt owed.”

“I can offer more than a cowardly Dragon,” Taril looked at Demoss thoughtfully. “I can give life, bringing those you love from death.”

“You’d say anything to stay alive. ” Vyxen shook her head..

Adrianna laughed ” a lich talking about living?



Belzar sneared. “Who lies more a dragon or a dead guy.

“The only thing we want, you can’t give, the Sapphire Eye of the Dungeon Doom.” Sad Panda added.

“Gems, you want a gem,” Lich Lord Taril closed then opened his hand, filled with glowing gems. “Here all the gems you could want. Relax, take them … go home and be merry.”


Demoss knocked the gems from his hand. “Bargain with you, who does not have honor. Never.” Then drawing his sword he attacked.

“Enough with this!” Lich Lord Taril shouted summoning lichs to attack. “Let none live.”

The battle, long and deadly, turned when Captain Corian joined in.” He sure liked to talk.” The Captain said, wiping his sword. “But all I heard was false promises.”

“Yes, evil can only lie” MistyRose said in agreement.

Seeming preoccupied, Captain Corian finally said ” So… we should return to the Dragon, the gem is very important.”

The Black Dragon crawled out from his pile of treasure, “I smell death on you, is the task done?

he returns

“Yes,” Ipsilarem replied,”We have fulfilled our part of the deal. fulfill your promise.

Looking around the Black Dragon could not help but notice our losses. “Fools, did you really think I cared about Taril?” A toothy smile crossed his face. “I sent you there to weaken your numbers. Now it will be easy for me.”

dis honorable

“You are the fool, dragon.” Captain Corian stepped forward. “Our numbers may be smaller, but we are more than enough to kill you.”

With a roar the Black Dragon attacked. His magic strong, healing faster than we could wound him.



captain corain attackes


Surrounded, he jumped into the air. In horror we watched as he flew to Umbra. Mounted warriors and mages quickly followed. Arriving, they found the city on fire. Leaping into battle they tried to drive him out of the city.

yep he is after me

Caught between buildings, he suddenly disappeared, reappearing  at his trove. The battle looked hopeless with our forces divided. Seeing the dragon weakend from using his magic, Captain Corian lead another charge defeating the Black Dragon.  Digging through the trove,Corian held up a gem, blue like living oceans swirling inside.


“I must see to Umbra,” handing the gem to Demoss. “Please take this to Hawkwind.”

With a bow, Demoss took the gem. A gate took us back to the courtyard. There we found the Time lord waiting for us. “The gem, with Captain Corian’s regards.” Demoss handed the gem to him.”

gem giveHawkwind carefully picked up the gem. “Thank you for retrieving it.” looking at how few of us returned.

“Will you answer my call when I have found the rest?” Hawkwind asked.

“We will answer!” we shouted. “For Britannia, we will defeat Minax!’




Hawkwind bowed to us. “You will be remembered by all.” he turned to leave. “I will place the gem where Minax where never find it.”

thank yo

As one we bowed to him. Then returning to our homes to think of the battles yet to come.