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Sapphire Eye of the Dungeon Doom Pt.1

Standing in Castle Blackthorn’s courtyard, Time Lord Hawkwind, watched the Royal Spies gather. Captain Corian had told the truth. Brave and loyal, the spies answered his call. Hawkwind noted some that Captain Corian told him of: Demoss, Sad Panda, Traxton Softfoot, Grea, Brigid, Kanalit, Shumer, Savannah Rose, Catalyst, Funky Chicken, Wat Pomp, Spuflasath, Vyxen, too many to name. Faces, grim and battle worn, they waited for his news. Nodding at their greetings, he thought, these could defeat Minax. “I have returned to help you in the battle against Minax.” he said. The courtyard filled with cheers.

Hawkwind held up his hand for silence. “It won’t be easy to defeat her. She hides in the Shadowguard trying to manipulate time itself. I’ve tried to reach her…but I can’t. This is why Captain Corian summoned you.”

Whispers began, “She must be incredibly powerful.” “Minax messing with time and a Timelord can’t stop her.” “No, matter we will defend our world.” “Yea, we stopped her once.” Hawkwind listened with interest, aye these warriors and mages, will do what needs to be done.

The crowd grew quiet again, when he continued. “She has used the same power as Mondain’s gem to bend the magic of the Shadowguard to her will.”

“No! that gem was made powerless,” Shouted Demoss

“Sadly no, Demoss, it was shattered but still useful.” Hawkwind said looking at Demoss. That is why I need your help. I need your help to gain 4 gems. I can use their power to reach Minax.”

gem into

“You can’t get them?” some one asked in confusion.

time lord failed

“I did think of taking them from the stream of time. But we can take no chances of alerting Minax.”

Demoss stepped up, “Tell us what they look like and where to find them. We will get them no matter the deaths.”

Hawkwind smiling gave Demoss a small bow. One is a ruby the color of a sunset. Red like a fire dancing across the sky. A diamond, as clear as a frozen tear drop hardly seen on the cheek. An emerald green and vibrant as if alive.” he paused. “Today we seek the sapphire, it color the same as the dragon’s eye that guards it, The Sapphire Eye of the dungeon Doom.”

ah the dragon

“Tell us where to find it.” Belzar shouted from the crowd.

“Will you and Captain Corian fight with us?” Sad Panda asked?

“I can not. It would alert Minax. Captain Corian will meet you at the Dragon’s den. Since the dragon has awaken, you will need to confront him.”

can't hep

Going through the Time lord’s gate. We arrived outside Umbra. There was the dragon, lying on a treasure trove. He slowly opened one sapphire colored eye.


“Who are you, creeping towards my treasure. Are you here to be a crunchy snack?”

“No, We have come for a gem you hold. The Sapphire Eye of the Dungeon Doom.” Dark Syde bravely answered the dragon. The dragon began to rummage through his trove. Pulling one gem closer to him.

“So, you come to steal from me!” growling at Dark Syde, “I won’t part with a single coin.” The Dragon stood towering over all,

“We didn’t come to steal rather to bargain with you.” Demoss said calmly. “Perhaps we can help you ?


Demoss held his ground. The rest gathering around him. “The gem will save the world.”

Looking down at the treasure, “Ah your blood would stain my treasure. Perhaps there is something you can do for me.” He held up the gem, “Such a little gem.” looking sly at us, “Yes there is something you can do for me.


“Long ago, during a war, a Necromancer, came to me. A clever one, he knew what I wanted and offered it to me.”


“What did he offer?” Demoss asked. ”

The Black Dragon glared at him before continuing. “He wanted to see the Paladins and their city burn. In joy I swept over Luna raining fire down on the city. Listening to their screams.”

luna bursn

A flame shot from his mouth. “He didn’t honor his bargain. Though he hid, I’ve found this little Necromancer. Silly man thinks death will keep him safe.”

Demoss stepping back from the fire, “We will find him and make him uphold his bargain.”

“Kill him, teach him he can not hid, no matter where he hides. Then you can have the stone.” Stamping his foot, he opened a gate as the ground shook.

bargin made

We found Captain Corian waiting on the other side. “I have found the Necromancer. This way.” He lead us to a pillar. “Speak the Urywen,the pillar’s name. Saying Urywen, Following across a rope, we found ourselves in a maze of crypts. “We much reach the center tomb.” Captain Corian told us.

his den

More to come