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Sapphire of Dungeon Doom

The citizens of Napa Valley were called to Blackthorns Castle to discuss a matter of some urgency.
Gathering in the courtyard, they all waited patiently, not quite sure what was going on…when suddenly a bolt of lightning flashed in front of them and a mysterious man appeared….


*Looks around and recognizes many faces*  “Thank you everyone for answering my call. We have dire matters to address today!”

*notices the commander isn’t present*
“Ah, so he is off on that errand…Your Commander is away tracking down another evil in this land, one you call The Black Knight. It doesn’t surprise me he is still away working on his leads. It seems the Black Knight has found the legendary sword Caliburn, A sword which could leave your kingdom in ruins. He also still has control over the vile Orb Of Dominion. But while The Black Knight is dangerous, he serves an even more dangerous mistress in Minax.”

“Which is why I have called you here today. Minax is meddling with dark magics from her stronghold Shadowguard. Within its halls, she is working towards tampering with time itself.”

At this moment, a member of the crowd shouts out “I LIKE MINAX!”

The Timelord glances at this man…”You shouldn’t show her such favoritism. She is a vile woman bent on destroying this world.”

Yet another voice from the crowd shouts “Kill Her!”

“If only it were so easy. Shadowguard exists outside of time and space, thus it is not under my purview. For now, she is safe to do as she pleases…but I have a plan…one which would allow me to transport you all there to stop her before time is changed forever. Shadowguard exists OUTSIDE of time, and that is where she is hiding.”

“I need four great magical gems that exist in your world. With all four, their power will allow me to open an entryway for you all, but they will not be easy to obtain. I trust you are ready to do everything you can?”

A Chorus of “YES! YES! Yes sir!” emanated from the crowd.

‘Good, you will need every ounce of strength you can muster. The first gem you must retrieve is the Sapphire Eye of Dungeon Doom. It is said to be a part of an ancient Black Dragon’s Horde in Malas. Normally, this wouldn’t be so hard, as the dragon is supposed to be in a deep slumber, but it seems something has awoken the dragon hundreds of years early.”

“Cant you send us back to before he woke up?” Someone chimed from the crowd.

“Meddling with the timeline in such ways could prove even more dangerous. Every decision made splits into a new possible timeline. It is with much risk I am even here to help you. I ask you to everything you can to obtain the gem from the dragon. I would avoid combat with the creature…perhaps the old dragon could be bargained with?”

“If you are all ready, I can open a moongate for you all, we will head outside the castle, follow me.”

The citizens of Napa followed The Time Lord outside of Blackthorns Castle where he opened an ominous black gate…

“As I said before, it is important that I do not meddle further then I have, so you will be going on your own. I wish you the best of luck.” And with that, the Time Lord vanished in another brilliant flash of lightning, leaving the citizens to enter the black gate on there own to see what awaited them on the other side.

Upon exiting the gate, a massive trove of gold and treasure lay before them, obviously the lair of a very large dragon. Just then, a massive dragon, dark as night, flew overhead and settled among the treasure, stretching his wings. The beast roared at the crowd gathering.
In a deep rumble, the beast spoke, “Have you not learned from your past to not meddle with dragons?! For a people with such a storied past with my kin…how foolish.”

Tishrah, a brave and valiant citizen, stepped up to the beast and said “We need an item you possess…the Sapphire Eye of Doom”

“The Sapphire?” The beast scowled at the thought of giving it up.

“We need it to save the lands!”

“Your lands mean little to me,” *studies the crowd, looking at their numbers*

“Perhaps we could reach a bargain?” *he grins* ”  may have something in mind which will help both of us…”
“During the war between Luna and Umbra, I entered a deal with a necromancer. His name was Taril, and his task of me was simple…help destroy Luna. Many paladins of Luna fell in battle to me, and my fire lit Luna ablaze!”
“Yet even after this, Taril did not keep up his side of our bargain.”

“We can destroy Luna for you!” Came a voice from the crowd.

“I care not for the city” The dragon roared, “I care that the fool didn’t keep up his end!”

“You see, it seems Taril himself died, an excuse surely for not keeping his end! Being as powerful as he is…it seems he returned to life as a lich and now he hides himself behind dark magic!”

“You want revenge on him then?” Queried a citizen.

The dragon smirked “Smart…if you go and kill Taril on my behalf, perhaps I can reward you with the sapphire you seek.”
“Let us kill this lich for you!”

“I will take you there” Rumbled the dragon, “Do the job I have tasked you with, then return here for your….reward. Does this sound acceptable to you?”

“Yes! Yes!” Cried the crowd.

The dragon snarled an evil grin “Good, good….”

The Black Dragon then opened another ominous black gate and everyone piled through to appear at Grimswind Ruins…apparently this Evil Lich Lord Taril lived beneath the ruins.

Wandering through the ruins, one noticed many pillars, each telling part of a story of the founding of Luna and it’s subsequent invasion by Taril and his evil Minions.


Upon reaching the center of the ruins, they found a black flame on an altar-like platform.  Somehow they had to get beneath the ruins to find Taril the Lich Lord.

The pillar just outside the platform offered a clue…


Speaking the name Urywen teleported them into the depths of the Grimswind Ruins, a maze of long corridors littered with undead.


Winding their way through the hallways, they finally made their way to the center where they found Lich Lord Taril and told him of their intentions.

“I can give you more power then you could ever imagine!” Spoke Taril “Become part of my undead army and I will forgive this intrusion!”

“But we need the sapphire Gem and the only way he’ll give it to us is if we dispatch you with haste!* Shouted someone from the crowd.

Taril pauses…”Perhaps we can bargain…” and with those words a blinding flash of light filled the room.

Fighting valiantly and dying often, Taril was finally defeated and the bedraggeled group returned to the Black Dragons Lair to share the news of Tarils Death.

Knowing that the group had been fighting hard and was seriously weakened, the Black Dragon rose into the air with a mighty roar and landed among them with a powerful *WHOMP*, Fire emitted from his powerful jaws, scorching the trees and surroundings.

Tired and injured, the group once again fought long and hard, finally defeating the evil beast and retrieving the Sapphire Gem.

Barely able to walk, the group slowly made their way back to Blackthorns Castle to bring the news to The Time Lord.

“We have the first Gem thanks to you all! It seems you are all too damaged to retrieve the others now, three gems remain, and they may prove even more difficult.”

“It seems the Black Dragon never intended to barter with you, only to weaken you. He was very dangerous, but that foolish beast is dead now thanks to his own arrogance.”

“I will call on you all again soon, we will obtain the rest of the gems, and hopefully we will be able to stop Minax before she does damage to our world.”