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Ask & Answer No. 7

Posted by Tim Chappell | 2012 Oct 23 15:12 -0400 GMT

The Ultima Online team has received another set of questions last week. Here are the answers.

Ultima Online Bibliothek
Dear Devs, UO has been in our lives for 15 years, how about new merchandise to celebrate? The red Dragon with the 15years font would be a perfect and very cool object for (coloured!) T-Shirts, Hoodies, Lanyards and Stickers! (Medea, )

Celebrate 15 Years with us!



Tomorrow we are all a part of history! The majority of us know how old Stratics is and here are some interesting facts Stratics.

Stratics will be hosting a Livestream tomorrow at 2:00pm EST, 1:00 pm CST, 11:00 am PST and 7:00 pm BST and the thread to share their own memories.

Stratics encourages anyone interested to attend. During this live hangout, Stratics will be giving away beta keys, merchandise, and a brand new Razer Naga gaming mouse.

You won’t want to miss the festivities.  Happy 15th Anniversary Stratics!

Ask & Answer No. 4

Kai Schober | 1 Oct 2012 16:43:28 EST

It is Monday again. Although the Dev team already answered a ton of questions during the Anniversary Party on Saturday (a recording of this will be eleased later this week), they took the time to address these questions gathered on the different fan sites, too.

Slayer properties on instruments: Was wondering if we could ever get a way to craft slayer musical instruments. Either thru runic saws or possibly new recipes for carpenters to make? (Xalan Dementia)
Could maybe someday imbuing move to instruments? (JamesC )
I’d like to be able to imbue GM instruments with slayer properties using the same ingredients as slayer weapons and to employ the currently unused ‘essence of persistence’ to either a) raise the number of charges to 1600, in line with the minor Ilshenar artifacts, Iolo’s Lute and Gwenno’s harp or b) add the ‘renewable’ property found on the minor Tokuno artifact flutes.