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Mesanna Helps Stratics Celebrate

On Sunday 20th October Stratics celebrated 16 years of supporting game communities as a fan site. as part of that celebration Tia and I were able to interview our much loved UO Producer, Bonnie (Mesanna) Armstrong. The interview contains much of interest, including some information about upcoming vet rewards and Christmas gifts, plus a demonstration that our Dark Overlady isn’t imune from attack after all. To see what I mean watch the video, it occurs between the fourteenth and fifteenth minute. 

Stratics Celebrates 16 Years

Posted by Taylor, 14 October 2013

WASHINGTON, DC—Stratics, the Internet’s oldest continually-operating MMO fansite, will celebrate its 16th anniversary next Sunday by hosting a series of interviews with some of the gaming industry’s most influential figures. In keeping with the theme of the celebration, “What’s Old is New Again,” Stratics’ guests will include individuals whose historical contributions uniquely shaped the modern MMORPG landscape. The event will also feature giveaways and interviews with some of Stratics’ former and current team members, as well as an unveiling of the newly-redesigned Stratics.com.