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16th Anniversary Party Winners

Following the very enjoyable party on Test Center yesterday we are proud to announce the contest winners, with our heartiest congratulations to all of them.

Scavenger Hunt

1st Place – Kings Collection – Solus of Atlantic
2nd Place – Raised Garden Beds (3) – Bon Ivor of Atlantic
3rd Place – Undertakers Staff – Sam Vam of Drachenfels

Fool Hardy

1st Place – Unique Dye – Blackrock Hue – Tokuno Style – Holly Bloodhand, Ash the Necromanceer and Dead Shipmate
2nd Place – Forged Metal Tool – DescWing of Drachenfels
3rd Place – 15th Anniversary Robe – Eiodolon of Atlantic

Cultural Center Design Contest

The Entries
The winner:
Miss Echo of Oceania
will have her design built on the shard of her choice with her name as the designer

Story Contest

The Entries
1st Place – Mesanna’s Wig – Lady Ivy of Chesapeake
2nd Place – Mesanna’s Bustier –  Soar of Atlantic
3rd Place – Mesanna’s Whip –  Alexander of Atlantic

Trivia Contest

A Castle In Malas Placed By Mesanna
Holly Bloodhand


Several Sonoma players have teamed up with the crew at UORADIO.COM and are working on establishing a town for the in-game facilities of UORADIO.COM. The town is located in the Orc Fort west of Umbra (33°8 N 1°28 E Malas). Some of the facilities include a bank, the Bates Motel, Foxxie’s Club & Casino, Killa Fighting Chickens Arena, Market and Emergency Services, an Information Center, Deal or No Deal Studio, plus Mums’ Munchies Cafe along with other facilities outside the walls.